Reckless: A gritty addictive thriller that will have you hooked in 2021 review â 3

review Reckless: A gritty, addictive thriller that will have you hooked in 2021

Reckless: A gritty, addictive thriller that will have you hooked in 2021 review â 3 ´ ❰Reading❯ ➿ Reckless: A gritty, addictive thriller that will have you hooked in 2021 Author Gemma Rogers – From the bestselling author of Stalker Perfect for fans of KimbOf somethingalarm bells go Reckless A Kindle undetected and one moment of madness leads to devastating conseuencesIzzy soon finds her family her career and her life hanging in the balance as she becomes his darkest obsessionWhat people are saying about RecklessAn intense thriller its a must read Sam MichaelsAn incredible read that had me engrossed from the first page A five star read Alex KaneGemma Rogers has a talent for weaving mystery and suspense into Reckless that had me finishing the book in mere hoursBrilliant thriller from a brilliant authorIt was fast paced scandalous read that kept me on my toes My mouth was A gritty addictive PDF #197 hanging open several times. A brave step into the “forbidden” To have a fiction book written about this topic is WOW You want to read it with your hand covering part of your eyes You want to put it down You want to shout at the characters but yet again Gemma has done another page turner that you can’t put down and draws you in & I felt so anxious for IzzyWell done A gripping read

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Going no way what is going to happen nextSuch a good book keeping me on the edge of my seatThis is an intense and immersive story well paced and believableA gritty and gripping tale of fatal obsession and forbidden attraction Gemma Rogers Reckless is one emotional rollercoaster ride readers wont forget in a hurryPraise for Gemma RogersA brilliant thriller from an exciting new voice Stalker had me on the edge of my seat Kerry BarnesAn atmospheric taut thriller which keeps you hooked from the first page An exceptional debut Jacui RoseA beautifully written A gritty addictive thriller that Epubedge of your seat thriller that had me guessing right until the end Dreda Say Mitche. It took 3 evenings to read this book It had me hooked from the start Like Gemma's other 2 books Stalker and Payback it is brilliantly written and has you on the edge of your seat throughout I really want to say about the excellent plot and characters but do not want to spoil it for those who haven't bought it yet you My top tip you really should

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Reckless A gritty addictive thriller that will have you hooked in 2021From gritty addictive thriller that Epubthe gritty addictive PDF #197 bestselling author of Stalker Perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers and Martina ColeUnputdownable Gemma Rogers has delivered a nail biting thriller that grips to the very last page Keri BeevisA cracking read Brilliantly written characters and a gripping plot Highly recommended Caz FinlayONE LIFE CHANGING MOMENT OF MADNESSEnglish teacher Izzy Cole wanted a fresh start with her familyA new town a new home and a new A gritty addictive thriller that EpubschoolWhen sixth form student Nicky Stevens takes a special interest in her Izzy is initially flatteredBut as their dangerous friendship teeters on the edge. I'd not read my kindle for months and saw that Gemma's next book had been released and realised I'd not read Reckless yet So I purchased her next one Bad Girls and decided to read this one firstFrom the first few chapters of the book I just couldn't stop reading and finished it within a week which is uick for me I read it whenever and wherever I could Enjoyed the storyline following Izzy's moments of weakness but was also annoyed at her each time but got so fed up of how she was treated when she tried to make amends Glad it ended how it did was gripping throughout exciting and I just wanted to keep reading and readingThank you again for another fantastic book Gemma Looking forward to reading your new one next x