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Crossing the Line mobi ´ Lessons From a Life on Duty ☆ ➶ [Reading] ➸ Crossing the Line: Lessons From a Life on Duty By John Sutherland ➫ – A love letter to police officers and the most vulnerable people they protect and serve CHRISTIE WATSON author of THE LANGUAGE OF KINDNESSUrgent aReally know about the world that policing inhabits and reveals? In his deeply revealing new book John Sutherland invites us to step behind the cordon tape and bear witness to the things that he has seen in his twenty five years of service with the Metropolitan Police Tackling ten of the biggest challenges facing society today from alcohol abuse drug addiction and domestic violence Sutherland’s book is an autobiography of a man who entered the police force after graduation and is fast tracked for promotion Despite a “massive nervous breakdown” and early retirement on health grounds he rises to the rank of Chief Superintendent At the same time the book confronts the principal challenges that face the police in the 21st century He deals with these systematically and thoughtfully His position on all issues is clear The spirit behind the writing is one of optimism while at the same time acknowledging the flaws in the service and past errors some of them leading to serious conseuences He knows that the police have received their share of brickbats and is anxious to escape the charge of being a “blind apologist”Sutherland does not bombard us with statistics but where he does include them as he intends they shock 84% of victims of assault are drunk His figures on domestic abuse cases charges and convictions are also deeply worrying If domestic abuse is the “single greatest cause of harm in society” and it is in many ways the lynchpin of his arguments then it is not to be seen in isolation Crimes involving drugs drink knives mental health terrorism sexual offences and political extremism have their roots in the same soil Few of these are new but in many areas the numbers have risen alarmingly In addition Sutherland devotes a good deal of space to the rise in a new form of slavery – human trafficking especially in the areas of prostitution and children The divisive effects of Brexit he sees as long lastingIn the last analysis in spite of the frustrations of political interference and often unjustified blame Sutherland finds in society and in the police whatever its ills positive virtues that inspired him as a member of the force “beauty kindness courage compassion and humanity”I find it hard to summarise my feelings about this book Much of it is straight from the world of the Guardian and the BBC Supporters of all that is politically correct would find little that would offend them here Yet there is a darker undercurrent and the diagnosis is of course much easier than the prognosis Sutherland refuses to accept that the problems he discusses are impossible to solve but all that he offers in this direction is that the police have to earn the respect of the community they serve including hostile minorities and that in the end it all comes down to human relationships He sees a deeply divided society that favours the haves over the have nots The general tendency of the book is left wing but parties of different colours have failed to achieve his objectives Although uneasy with much of his thesis I feel obliged to accept that recognition has to precede action Certainly the book raises crucial issues

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To knife crime terrorism and sexual offences we are introduced to people who have been pushed to the limits and beyond In doing so we gain a clearer sense of what needs to be done to make our neighbourhoods safer and to transform the lives of those we live alongside Eye opening courageous and moving CROSSING THE LINE is a book that will change the way you see the world around you I bought this after reading an excellent review of it in The Times and indeed a few weeks later it was Radio 4’s Book of the Week where 15 minute audio fragments seemed intriguing The reality however was completely differentThe author had a long career in the Metropolitan Police where he attained the rank of Chief Superintendent and his boring and lacklustre writing style showcases this During the book he allocates chapters to many of the subjects that affect policing in the UK in the early 21st century – alcohol abuse drugs domestic violence knife crime dealing with people with mental health issues the rise of extremism child abuse the policing of demonstrations and largescale public events and so forth – but he seldom offers any new insights or solutionsOften he takes a generalised approach offering few details or giving individuals a cloak of anonymity; although the latter is probably from an admirable intention to preserve the confidentiality of the people involved it means the book is dreary and uninteresting This is emphasised by long sections on the historic and horrific Victoria Climbie and Baby P child abuse cases where it is apparent that John Sutherland has no new knowledge or perceptionsThe book uotes extensively from external sources but it was noticeable that many of these had different timescales One shocking finding is that people who have been exposed to four or adverse childhood experiences ACEs – John Sutherland loves acronyms are many times likely than others to are social problems such as a poor diet or binge drink each twice as likely; to smoke thrice as likely; have had sex under 16 years of age five times likely; been involved in recent violence 7 times likely; and have been incarcerated or have used heroin or crack cocaine each 11 times likelyI rushed to finish this book and read something interesting and better written

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Crossing the Line Lessons From a Life on DutyA love letter to police officers and the most vulnerable people they protect and serve CHRISTIE WATSON author of THE LANGUAGE OF KINDNESSUrgent and compelling We all have lessons to learn from this book SIMON MAYOAs a society we are captivated by policing; we watch police procedurals and fly on the wall documentaries and absorb the headlines on the rolling news Yet how much do we From someone who is a police staff employee this book tells non police employees how it is being in the police and how Theresa May destroyed the police forces up and down the country When you next complain police dont do anything think of the murder team officer getting two hours sleep on the office floor and then read this