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Download º The One: Soon to be a Netflix original drama ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub í ➹ [Read] ➵ The One: Soon to be a Netflix original drama By John Marrs ➼ – Soon to be a major Netflix Original series and perfect for fans of Caroline Kepness YoWhat readers are saying about this addictive page turning thrillerI just couldnt stop readingBrilliant One Soon to be a PDFEPUB or twists that I didnt see comingOne of the most gripping stories Ive read for a long whileI was hooked and didnt want it to end Previously published as A Thousand Small Explosions. Just don't bother It's so far fetched and poorly written that it's ridiculous Hated it

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Soon to Soon to Epub #221 be a major Netflix Original series and perfect for fans of Caroline Kepness YouHOW FAR WOULD YOU GO The One eBook #192 TO FIND THE ONEOne simple mouth swab is all it takes A uick DNA test to find your perfect partner the One Soon to PDFEPUB #230 one youre genetically made forA deca. I bought this book due to the extremely high ratings but was definitely disappointed At a push I'd perhaps give this 35 stars but certainly not 5 or even 4 There were some interesting ideas in the book and some of them were explored to a certain extent One moment in particular stands out as truly excellent which I won't spoil for those who want to read this and I certainly did enjoy parts and found myself wanting to read However other parts I found boring and were a bit of a slog to get through some characters dry and simply annoying It reminded me a little of the last jedi star wars film where you can see the writer has tried to subvert the audience expectation but as in that film the book does so poorly and in the end I felt it fell flat The book toys with the idea of soulmates both being true and relevant and then at the same time both needless and pointless The book attempts to bolster the hollywood perception of fireworks going off when you meet the person you are 'supposed' to be with the rest of your life and then at the same time shows that this can be a false feeling that peters into nothing but doing neither in a very definitive way that left me with a sense or annoying ambiguity at the end Whereas some filmsbooks have vague endings that leave the reader thinking about what could or should be or thinking about the themes over a few days the ambiguous ending to the characters felt disingenious to some of them and just simply unsatisfying It's like the writer wanted you to buy into something completely and then shatter the readers perception by declaring it false but instead of doing this leaves you with this sort of murky 5050

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The One Soon to be a Netflix original dramaDe after scientists discover everyone has a gene they share with just one other person millions One Soon to be a PDFEPUB or have taken the test desperate to find true love Now fivepeople meet their Match But even soul mates have secrets And some areshocking and deadlier than others With overreviews this is. It's difficult to categorize this book Is it sci fi Romance Adventure thriller Psychological thriller But this book is all of them And The author uses the names of the several characters in the story as chapter titles Making it easy to follow the development of each of the standalone story All the stories follow the same theme but each develops in its own fate It is a brilliant plotting I've never seen a book written this way It is like watching an Oscar worthy editing work in a movie At the appropriate places the film is cut to another scene yet the flow is perfectEach character although they are not related anyhow seems to create an emotional attachment in me I begin to know them hear them and feel them Even though there are several characters and a few stories happening throughout the novel I could follow them throughoutThe twists are brilliant I never see them coming This novel is so well thought of I want to give the author a standing ovationPick up this book and believe me it will be hard very hard to put it down until you've read the last page Yes it is that good