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kindle È Murder Under the Microscope â A Personal History of Homicide à dcmdirect í ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Murder Under the Microscope: A Personal History of Homicide By James Fraser ✼ – Jim Fraser has been at the forefront of forensic science in tSes that he has investigated during his forty year career including the deaths of Rachel Nickell Damilola Taylor and Gareth Williams the GCH code breakerInviting the reader into the forensic scientists micro world Murder Under the Microscope reveals not only how each of these cases unfolded as a human investigative and scientific puzzle but also why some were solved and why others remain unsolved or controversial even to this d This was an amazing book Completely compelling and hugely interesting Many of the cases featured happened within my lifetime and I was familiar with them which gave an extra facet to the book for me at leastThe author obviously had a fantastic career and was clearly an expert in his field His frank descriptions of the institutionally inflexible inconceivably incompetent and freuently incomprehensible actions of the Metropolitan police force came as no real surprise but what was surprising is that the truth is even worse than rumour and conjecture Fraser exposes the ineptitude of the police investigations behind some of the highest profile murder cases in the United Kingdom but at no point does one get the impression that he has any particular axe to grind or that he bears any animosity towards the police force Indeed his treatment of them comes across as respectful and sincere He is simply giving us an account of his experiences while working on these cases and the result is uite shocking However Fraser does give away his years of institutional experience by his over liberal use of acronyms which I found a little annoying not to mention unnecessary There is nothing like the gratuitous use of acronyms to separate those who 'know' from those who don't and to put those on the outside firmly in their placeFraser tells his stories in a dizzily haphazard style which is somewhat confusing While writing about one case he habitually hares off into an account of a completely different case by way of illustrating a particular point which often had me wondering why we suddenly appeared to have moved on to a new case when the previous one was still unfinished Although this did make each case study a little difficult to negotiate it also gave us yet insight into a fascinating occupation Also a little restructuring of the book's chapterisation would also have helped Currently a new case begins with a new chapter but different stages of the same case also have their own chapters This causes added confusion while the reader attempts to try to ascertain exactly where he is and what is going on A better way would have been to split the different case studies into separate sections each of which would then be chapterisedDespite the disorganised structure and meandering prose style this is an exceptionally good book I read it from cover to cover in two days foreword introduction afterword and all and I am about to begin it all over again No mean feat for a non fiction book to gain my interest so completelyI received a free copy of this book from the publishers via Netgalley in return for an unbiased review

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Jim Fraser has been at the forefront of forensic science in the UK for decades A superb story of real life CSI Dr Richard Shepherd bestselling author of Unnatural CausesPowerful Fascinating Independent Most murders are not difficult to solve People are usually killed by someone they know there is usually abundant evidence and the police methods used to investigate this type of crime are highly effective But what about thediffic I really enjoyed this I was familiar with most of the cases discussed and it was interesting to hear about it from a forensic investigative perspective It was written in a way that is accessible to readers with a lot of little knowledge of the science and how it works I feel the book challenged some of my beliefs about the reliability of DNA analysis and the use of fingerprints I would certainly recommend to anyone interested in true crime and forensic science

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Murder Under the Microscope A Personal History of HomicideUlt cases where the investigation involves an unusual death an unusual killer or is complex or politically charged? In these cases bringing the accused before the courts can take many years even then the outcome may be contentious or unresolved In this compelling and chilling memoir Jim Fraser draws on his personal experience as a forensic scientist and cold case reviewer to give a uniue insight into some of the most notable ca I find books like this fascinating The author has worked as a forensic scientist for over 40 years He's worked on thousands of cases and in this book presents a few 'stand out' onesTrue crime books are interesting anyway but rather than just retelling what is generally known about a case or cases it's so much better to have someone telling us who was right in the middle of the happenings Someone who tested various evidence Someone who was instrumental in helping catch the perpetratorAfter a bit of a long winded intro and I am a person who always has to read prologuesintros etc it uickly gets going and is cracking Informative yet highly readable Cases I'd heard of and a few I hadn't Crimes in the UKI give this 4 stars as there were just two areas which seemed a bit slower to read than the rest of it A fascinating read for the most part but I found a few areas a bit tedious Then it was back to very interesting reading again