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Killa City John Milton Series Book 17A storm is brewing in the heartlands of America and John Milton senses something in the airJohn Milton has a nose for trouble He can smell it a mile away And when he witnesses a suspicious altercation between a young man and two thugs in a car auction parking lot he cant resist getting involvedMilton came to Kansas City hoping to find a way out of danger His recent vendetta against a cartel hitman who killed his friend has made him enemies in high places Now he needs to find the only man who can get him out of this. Mark Dawson is one of my favourite authors and books about John Milton never disappoint Milton was an assassin working for the government He became an alcoholic in order to cope with having to kill to order and eventually uit the job and fought back from the alcohol addiction As a result he spends his life trying to help others Unfortunately he attracts trouble wherever he goes Additionally his former 'organisation' have given orders for his termination In this new book he has to fight against killers on than one front and all because he saw a young man being bullied and stepped in to help him This is probably the best John Milton book to date I couldn't put it down and read long into the night to finish it I can't wait for the next book in the series and can't recommend these novels highly

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review Killa City (John Milton Series Book 17) 100 Ò ❮BOOKS❯ ✮ Killa City (John Milton Series Book 17) Author Mark Dawson – A storm is brewing in the heartlands of America and John Milton senses something in the airJohn Milton has a nose for trouble He can smell it a mile away And when he witnessesMess But like a moth to a flame Milton is drawn to anyone who needs his help And this time hes also drawing the attention of money laundering criminals who really mean businessDriven by a desire to atone for the darkness in his past Milton is a man on a mission But in a city of undercover crime and corruption what does that mean for his future With danger all around him will Miltons burning conscience finally be the death of himPraise for Mark DawsonMark Dawsons John Milton books are sharper than a stiletto If youve. Hard to believe its outing 17 for this great character and one where we see him stretch to stay on the straight and narrow as old foes and old weakness threaten to drag him backWith the offer of an olive branch Milton seeks out an old colleague to ensure he remains a ghost from his former lifeUnfortunately his plan backfires and he once again is exposed as a target but not before clashing with the Mafia and a particularly nasty set of Irish hoods as he wades in to aid a kid from having his van stolenAction ensues as Milton juggles pressure from law enforcement and three different groups intent on putting him six feet under in order to get their hands on the vans illicit cargoAnother well executed page turner from Mister Dawson who weaves multiple threads to a violent finale

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Run out of Lee Child books Dawson is your man Absolutely brilliant Matt Nixson Books Editor Mail on SundayIts impossible not to think of Lee Childs super selling Jack Reacher The TimesA literary sensation The Daily TelegraphMark Dawson has all the skills A great thriller writer on the top of his game Sunday Times bestselling author Steve CavanaghNerve shreddingly tense Utterly addictive Bestselling author MJ ArlidgeA terrific fast paced read Mark Dawson knows how to tell a great story Bestselling author Scott Maria. John Milton at his best thanks to this talented author He still has amends to make for his career killing and ends up in Kansas City He meets up with an old collegue for help as he travels through and once again trouble finds him One action to help a young man brings Mafia Irish dissidents crooked cops and the new No 1 from Group 12 He sails very close to the wind in this and I fear for his safety A really exciting book free flowing which is well written and really worth a read