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Ace of loss and despair through uncertain times towards the hope of colour light and life Along the way they find friends to guide and support them Together they build a glorious future a Any book illustrated by David Litchfield is going to be beautiful and Rain Before Rainbows is no exception There is so much detail that goes into each and every page and it’s simply enchanting to read I particularly love the foxIn addition to being 5 based on the illustrations alone the text to this story is just perfect The rhymes make it flow really well and the message is so important for young people and grown ups alike especially at the minuteI’d urge everyone to take some time to read and enjoy this book; it truly shows how despite the difficult times we face in life there are always rainbows to look out for

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Rain Before RainbowsNd discover there is a way out of the darkness into the light of the rainbow A book with immense hope at its heart this is a positive message for anyone whos ever gone through a tough tim Beautiful illustrations truly gorgeous It's a nice story but my 5 year olds comment at the end the first and only time we read it was that was very shortand it is I hoped it would be a bit meaty in the word department A couple of lines per page of a story is uite disappointing really for a book that's aimed at kids 5 Based on reviews I had high hopes for this book but as my daughter hasn't expressed any interest in re reading it and it it is so short I have given it average review

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Rain Before Rainbows mobi Ý Paperback read ✓ dcmdirect ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➷ Rain Before Rainbows Author Smriti Halls – Dcmdirect.co.uk In the midst of rain rainbows can be hard to see But with courage and the help of good friends there is always a way out of darkness A girl and her companiIn the midst of rain rainbows can be hard to see But with courage and the help of good friends there is always a way out of darkness A girl and her companion fox travel together from a pl 4 45This is a lovely story book aimed at children aged 3 – 7 year olds An excellent tool for showing children that there is hope even when times are bad and difficult things happen‘Rain Before Rainbows’ is a simple rhyming picture book The story of a girl and her fox friend who have to leave their home after a terrible fire engulfs the castle they lived in The girl and the fox encounter and must deal with scary creatures and a raging storm whilst on a long journey before finally finding a new land where there are new friends to meet and eventually the darkness turns into a bright and wonderful new dayA simple story with a powerful message It’s a great message to share with children not only during this strange time but also any difficult time in their lives It’s a message to let children and adults know that better times will come even if there are bad things happening now Indeed as the title says you can’t have a rainbow without first having some rainThe illustrations are beautiful with lovely details and are very colourful as the cover shows The animals are beautifully drawn The girl and fox are ever present and are given clear expressions throughout helping bring the story to life The images are uite magical and there is such a lot to see in each page plenty for both children and adults to look at in this book Many may love it for the illustrations aloneThis is a charming book with an easy rhythm to the wonderful story with a great message The illustrations are gorgeous Together they are mesmerisingI would recommend getting this picture book It’s a great way to show and raise issues with children to help them understand that things will get better when they feel things are bad a message that adults often need too‘Save With Stories’ Campaign‘Rain Before Rainbows‘ has been released as a free ebook by the publisher Walker before the physical release in October to raise awareness and hopefully to help raise some money for the ‘Save With Stories’ campaign run by Save the Children charityIt’s this free ebook that I have read It is a wonderful book with which to embrace the campaign Allowing the reader to focus – not only in these strange times but indeed at any time – on weird or difficult situations enabling exploration and discussions Using the rainbow now so instantly recognisable as a symbol of hope