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Who's Next A completely gripping and unputdownable crime thriller Detectives Lockhart and Green Book 2Ly he notices something on the victims neck a small crudely drawn symbol in black ink It seems the murderer has marked his victim but why Dan needs to get inside the perpetrators mind so he contacts psychologist Dr Lexi Green As the ensuing media circus puts pressure on Dan and Lexis investigation another victim is found and the headlines are uick to report a serial killer is on the loose The body of a successful lawyer has been discovered in a park with the same Next? A completely gripping and PDFEPUB or bruising and hand drawn symbol on his neck Dan fears that victims will follow As the case intensifies Dan uncovers a Next? A completely gripping and PDFEPUB or new lead on his missing wife Jess who disappeared eleven years ago Determined to follow it up he must choose between tracking down a serial murderer and finding Jess Can he make the impossible decision before the killer strikes once Fans of Angela Marsons Rachel Abbott and Cara Hunter will love this thrilling new series from Chris Merritt From an explosive start to a heart stopping finale you will not want to put this book downWhat readers are saying about Whos NextA true page turner and I hones. Who’s NextAbsolutely superb in every regard The skillful interweaving of the various threads of intrigue the gradual development of the various characters –both good and bad and the ability to create suspense and fast paced action make the latest episode in the life of DI Lockhart “Who’s Next” an unputdownable read Above all Dr Merritt you have the psychologist's careful touch of leading the reader into and through a maze of intrigue whilst leaving enough strands at various points for us to make our own guesses as to the identity or next move of the criminals In addition we see the human side of people having to deal with extreme anger and its conseuences both as victims and perpetrators I won’t give the ending away for those who may be looking up reviews before reading the book but the tension is absolutely brilliant as is the final resolution I also love the fact that the police team around DI Lockhart are all individuals who are not only dedicated but refreshingly human in their weaknesses and strengths and we are getting to know them better with each novel And what a tantalising postscript for DI Lockhart himselfYou’ve done it again Dr M another cracking read can’t wait for the next oneJimbo

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Who's Next?: A completely gripping and unputdownable crime thriller (Detectives Lockhart and Green Book 2) Free download Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ [Reading] ➶ Who's Next?: A completely gripping and unputdownable crime thriller (DTly did not want to put it down NetGalley reviewer starsThis book sucked me right in from the get go and didnt let go until I finished it Edge of your seat thrill ride Goodreads reviewer starsAction packed tense storyline with fabulous and relatable characters and an ending that will keep you on the edge of the seat Highly recommended Angela Marsons author starsA huge thumbs up Goodreads reviewer starsA must read I was hooked NetGalley reviewer starsI needed a good thriller and this delivered huge Goodreads reviewerWhat readers are saying about Chris MerrittEeee OMG Ahhh a belter of a book I dont have the words to describe how much I loved this book Between the Pages Book Club starsEvery page every chapter was a page turner What a rollercoaster Goodreads reviewer starsOh wow I am a huge fan of this authors work These are the books that I love This book is just great greater the greatest B for Bookreview starsWow This is one of the best books I have read this year Incredible Goodreads reviewer starsOh this was good very very good I was blown away Its one hell of a good thriller Goodreads reviewerMy heart was in my mouth I loved it Goodreads reviewer star. I found it a bit slow to start with however as i got into the story it picked up a bit and i found i didn't want to put it down

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A tense exciting and superbly crafted police procedural A completely eBook #10003 Goodreads reviewer I was hooked from the start and I absolutely raced through it It's a big stars from me Goodreads reviewer Loved this suspense Got me hooked immediately and kept me reading through the night Goodreads reviewer I devoured this book in one sitting Blew me away MORE PLEASE NOW Goodreads reviewer Chris Merritt really is a master storyteller Whos Next is a belter of a read Gripping and intense Once Upon A Time Book Blog Stumbling to the ground he Who's Next? PDF or claws at the earth around him trying to stabilise himself but his attacker is on him in seconds As he stares at the lights of the bustling streets on the other side of the park gates he doesnt even have time to shout for help before everything goes blackWhen the body of wealthy businessman Charles Stott is found dead on Wimbledon Common covered in bruises just feet away from his luxury home Detective Dan Lockhart is called to investigate the shocking scene Examining the sickeningly disfigured body before him Lockhart knows hes Next? A completely Kindle #216 dealing with a brutal killer Looking close. What a sinister opener I love a sinister opening sets the mood for a cracking crime thriller and this did exactly that My attention was taken hostage as soon as I started and was only released on parole as I read the dying words of this fast paced crime thrillerLockhart and Green are back after the traumatic events of Knock Knock Lockhart needs the doctor’s unofficial insight into a rather unusual killer And this killer oh boy I loved the chapters with our angel of death plotting the next kill The stalking and planning are unnerving traits to this soulThe chemistry between Lockhart and Green is still bubbling away But Lockhart is still determined to find his missing wife despite the thoughts of his in laws I’m seriously intrigued to know what happened to Jess and will Lockhart ever get the closure he needs in his life This underlying story thread is one I need to get closure onAnd oh WHAT A CLIFFHANGER Dr Merritt How could you do that to me Put it like this you’re guaranteed I’ll be reading the next in the series for sure I couldn’t believe I couldn’t click any further I seriously enjoyed this twisted crime thriller and I’ve been left wanting for the next