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Free read ✓ Audio Power Amplifier Design, Sixth Edition ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB É ❮PDF❯ ✈ Audio Power Amplifier Design, Sixth Edition Author Douglas Self – This is the essential book reference for amplifier designers Douglas Self covers alLe towards technical excellence New to the sixth edition The characteristics of the audio signal The principles of distortion Feedback intermodulation distortion Non switching output stages VAS distortion explained Push pull VAS configurations Output inclusive compensation In addition five amplifier design examples that illustrate important design principles are examined and measured in detail These can be straightforwardly adapted to specific reuirementsThis new edition also includes a wealth of material on the XD crossover displacement principle invent. As a DIYer one is keen to get moving uickly and avoid many of the common pitfalls that entrap the novice and blight their designs Self explores a tried and tested topology in detail the differential input or 'long tail pair' and explains how to develop a design around this that avoids common causes of distortion there are plenty of examples in the textSome have commented that Self is perhaps wedded to this long tail pair topology at the expense of exploring any others but he succesfully demonstrates how many varients there are within it enough to write this very thick book in fact He certainly does a complete jobMuch of his attention is payed to the class B or AB output stage using BJTs and how to get this right However he presents some novel approaches to Class A outputs as well as a few other classes of output stage I do find his favouring of BJTs over anything else a little ladened with predjudice He spends one or two pages describing why MOSFETS are inferior to BJTs but barely provides any real insight into this matter nor does he seem to discern between different types of FET eg Lateral and Vertical types and so he uickly moves onI would give this five stars if for one thing and that is Self pays almost no attention to how things sound subjective instead choosing to asses each design by how it measures in terms of distortion objective This should be born in mind by the novice as there are many approaches that appear to measure well but don't sound as satisfying as those that perhaps do not Much of this is due to the kind of distortion present rather than simply how much but again scant reference is made to this Self is correct though that you need solid fundamentals before you can experiment meaningfully This is one of the better places to begin in my opinion

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Amplifier Design PDF #200 This is the essential book reference for amplifier designers Douglas Self covers all the design issues of noise distortion power supply rejection protection reliability and layout He describes Audio Power MOBI #181 advanced forms of compensation that give dramatically lower distortion This edition is much expanded and packed with new information It is a must have for audio power amplifier professionals Power Amplifier Design PDFEPUB #234 and audiophiles amateur constructors and anyone with intellectual curiosity about the strugg. I chose this rating due to the uality and depth of the information presented in this book Douglas Self's sense of humour is uite good too

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Audio Power Amplifier Design Sixth EditionEd by the author and in use by Cambridge Audio four stage amplifier architectures error correction current mirrors power transistors with internal sensing diodes amplifier bridging input stage common mode distortion amplifier stability output stages with gain inrush current suppression DC servo design thermal protection cooling fan control advanced line input stages testing and safety infrared remote control signal activation V trigger control the history of solid state amplifiers and muchSimple procedures for heatsinking and power supply design are give. If your interested in designing building a power amplifier then this book is an essential and for me has been worth re buying when a new edition comes out If you have to pick just one book on amp design pick this oneFor those that remember back to the Electronics World magazine series in early 90's I think there were eight distortion mechanisms identified The current book has eleven which is indicative of the continued refinement of the subject by SelfYes the architectures discussed in the book are limited but the rational for the design decisions is well explained You would not expect a book on engine design to cover everything from a two stroke to a turbofan and this book covers a huge amount of what you might need for a domestic proportioned amplifier If you want a 3000W class H PA amp you perhaps need further information but this book would still be a very good starting pointThe book covers many topics which apply to almost any amplifier you care to think about which are all analysed with real plots from Audio Precision test euipment and or Spice Opening the book or less at random Zobel network crosstalk for exampleAs always Self's analysis is pure measurable repeatable uantifiable and not subjective