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Practical advice for redesigning Digital How Kindle #215 big old companies for digital success with examples fromBNY Mellon LEGO Philips USAA and many other global organizationsMost established companies have deployed such digital technologies as the cloud mobile apps the internet of things and artificial intelligence But few established companies are designed for digital This book offers an essential guide for retooling organizations for digital success In the digital economy rapid pace of change in technology capabilities and customer desires means that business strategy must be fluid As a result t. Its cheap its a uick read and for your CxO Directors and Managers to prompt thinking about change and where digital plays a role or not and why that thinking is important

review Designed for Digital: How to Architect Your Business for Sustained Success (Management on the Cutting Edge)

Designed for Digital How to Architect Your Business for Sustained Success Management on the Cutting EdgeHe authors explain business design has become a critical management responsibility Effective Designed for MOBI #181 business design enables a company to uickly pivot in response to new competitive threats and opportunities Most leaders today however rely on organizational structure to implement strategy unaware that structure inhibits rather than enables agility In companies that are designed for digital people processes data and technology are synchronized to identify and deliver innovative customer solutions and redefine strategy Digital design not strategy is what separates winners from losers in. This book was eagerly awaited by the Enterprise Architecture community It is the result of five years of research into adoption of digital technology by big companies In the main its subjects are not the prime movers that seized technology opportunities to grow suddenly from nothing; they are companies that were already household names saw what was happening and reacted It looks at what they did at what worked and what did not work It draws conclusions and describes patterns for successThe book is an impressive piece of work It presents a reference model for use in digital transformation and discusses how to create a roadmap to change an enterprise to fit that model It is illustrated with copious real world examples drawn from the authors' research The reference model is simple and clear Creating a roadmap is not so straightforward but the book presents ideas on how to do it again with real world examplesAvailability of information is the basis of many of the new digital businesses Understanding the data flow is the key to configuring components to create digital business offerings The components must be arranged to obtain and deliver the information that provides the business value The book does not address the technology architecture needed to ensure the system components support effective data flow Perhaps that is too much to expect The reference model and roadmap discussion are major achievements on their ownDesigned for Digital is an excellent book It will help enterprise architects understand the business architecture of digital enterprises It will help them less to understand how to create the technology systems to support the business architecture

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Designed for Digital: How to Architect Your Business for Sustained Success (Management on the Cutting Edge) review ¾ 108 ï [BOOKS] ✯ Designed for Digital: How to Architect Your Business for Sustained Success (Management on the Cutting Edge) Author CynthiaFor Digital How to Architect Epubthe digital economy Designed for Digital offers practical advice on digital transformation with examples that includeBNY Mellon DBS Bank LEGO Philips Schneider Electric USAA and many other global for Digital How eBook #8608 organizations Drawing on five years of research and in depth case studies the book is an essential guide for companies that want to disrupt rather than be disrupted in the new digital landscapeFive Building Blocks of Digital Business SuccessShared Customer InsightsOperational BackboneDigital PlatformAccountability FrameworkExternal Developer Platfo. MIT's Center for Information Systems Research has hit a home run with this new opus that gathers years of research based insights Business executives and managers will learn what digital transformation really means This books cuts through the hype and marketing smoke that has been flooding business media for too long now and provides the basis for making informed choices Designed for Digital sets expectations where they should be reminding the C suite that there were never such a thing as a free lunch Nothing replaces balanced decisions and time to attain profitable and sustainable change