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A abruptly closed his house without telling any of his staff Youth oriented fashion was taking over Paris was in upheaval and the elder statesman wanted no part of it In The Master of Us All Mary Blume tells the remarkable story of the man and his world Intimate and revealing this is an unprecedented portrait of a designer whose vision transformed an industry but whose story has never been told until n. I have been interested in haute couture for most of my life and have many books on the legendary haute couture designers including beautifully photographed coffee table books Balenciaga is my absolute favourite but little has been written in any detail by anyone connected to him about this reclusive haute couturier This book is like a time machine and transports you back to the salon's of Balenciaga in San Sebastian in his native Spain and of course Paris You learn about his key fashion influences his rise to fashion superstardom and fashion innovation and of his support to other designers like Andre Courreges Emanual Ungaro Hubert De Givenchy and his bitter fallout with Coco Chanel However I was most fascinated about life in the Paris house of Balenciaga the very complex cutthroat hierarchy of the salon how it worked the wealthy customers the workrooms with Balenciaga's uncompromising meticulous attention to every single detail and his lifelong obsession with sleeves They didn't call him the couturiers couturier for nothing and his influence endures through today's high profile fashion designers and haute couturiers I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and did not want it to end A must for lovers of the golden age of haute couture

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The Master of Us All Balenciaga His Workrooms His WorldOf Us PDF #205 One of the most innovative and admired figures in the history of haute couture The Master PDFEPUB or Cristóbal Balenciaga was said Christian Dior the master of us all Despite his extraordinary impact Master of Us ePUB #185 Balenciaga was a man hidden from view He saw to it that little was known Master of Us All Balenciaga Kindle about him to the point that some French journalists wond. Bought this for my daughter studying fashion and business at Brighton Uni a read I hope she will enjoy

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The Master of Us All: Balenciaga, His Workrooms, His World Free read ↠ 102 Ò ❴PDF / Epub❵ ✅ The Master of Us All: Balenciaga, His Workrooms, His World Author Mary Blume – One of the most innovative and admired figures in the history of haute couture Cristóbal BalEred if he existed at all Even his most devoted clients Marlene Dietrich Barbara Hutton a clutch of Rothschilds never met him But one woman knew Balenciaga very well indeed The first person he hired when he opened his Paris house was Florette Chelot who became his top vendeuse She witnessed the spectacular success of his first collection and they worked closely forthan thirty years until when Balenciag. Culled from the many books and catalogues about Balenciaga Mary Blume has managed to mine new information and revelation about the greatest couture Master of his TimeSuccinctly written easy to read between the lines concerning his relationship with his family and especially with Givenchy and friendship with Chanel any admirer of the Great Man and of the Couture will find this compact and elegant petit biography well worth perusing