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Stand Up Straight and Sing! Review ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ì [Reading] ➶ Stand Up Straight and Sing! Author – Norman offers a broad and global perspective on life the arts and spirituality Inspiring Booklist In Stand Up Straight and Sing Jessye Norman recalls in richNorman offers Up Straight Kindle #215 a broad and global perspective on life the arts and spirituality Inspiring Booklist In Stand Up Straight and Sing Jessye Norman recalls in rich detail the strong women who were her role models from her ancestors to family friends relatives and teachers Sta. Jessye Norman writes as beautifully and elegantly as she sings Her book kept me captivated as she told the stories of her youth living under the Jim Crow laws and experiencing that kind of prejudice as an adult her life and experiences in opera her awe and enjoyment of many varieties of music Yes she did use words and phrases like wonderful and I was privileged a lot but rather than finding fault with it and using it as an excuse for criticism I appreciated it In a world where so much writing is negative profane and slings mud it was as though I was in the company of someone who is above all of that and I enjoyed every gracious word she put down on the pages Even in regards to her parents she was nothing short of glowing and deeply respectful in how she wrote of them in this day and age where so few speak kindly of their parents She carried the same tone in talking about her extended family as well her grandparents siblings uncles and aunts neighbors all of them I said for years that I hoped she would write her autobiography and now that I have read it I know that it is truly a treasure for those who admire a performer such as she is This is writing by a woman who carries her thoughts and experiences and describes far above what we usually find in contact with so many performers today She is truly a gifted brilliant and gracious woman I have always treasured her singing and now I will always treasure this book

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Nd ePUB #10003 She hails the importance of her parents in her early learning and experiences in the arts And she describes coming face to face with racism not just as a child living in the segregated South but also as an adult out and about in the Stand Up Straight ePUB #180 world She speaks o. This book is so very interesting to read The life of a some DIVA's are not uite interesting but this encounter into her life and travels is exceptional I truly enjoyed it to the fullest Had I been euipped with extra cash I would have liked to purchased a boat load So well written and so inspiring I knew when I saw her on PBS the way she was poised and how she spoke with such elegance prompted me to rush right out and purchase this book

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Stand Up Straight and SingF the many who have inspired her and taught her essential life lessons A special interlude on her key relationship with the pioneering African American singer Marian Anderson reveals the lifelong support that this great predecessor provided through her example of dignity and grace at all times. While I have never had the pleasure of hearing Ms Norman in person in concert I do have many of her recordings She has one of the greatest voices of this generation beautiful diction and is a formidable personality as seen on television We are all fortunate her talent was recognized early in her life and developed The book is an excellent recounting of her training awards world wide acclaim and should be an inspiration to all who aspire to a career in the arts The book is a testimony to the importance of the arts in our daily lives