The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands Summary ↠ 104

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Managing luxury brands and companies at the highest level The new edition of The Luxury Strategy includes information about digital strategy globalization sustainable The MOBI #181 development and why luxury brands are resilient to recessions It analyzes in depth the essence of luxury highlights its managerial implications and rationalizes the highly original methods often very far from the usual marketing. This is an extremely valuable book and should be read by industry professionals However it is not well written and should be 20 % shorter without any loss of impact Many valuable case studies and examples so worth the grind Many areas can be skimmed For content would give 5 stars

Free read The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands

The Luxury Strategy Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury BrandsStrategies used to transform small family businesses such as Ferrari BMW Louis Vuitton Cartier Chanel Armani or Ralph Lauren into worldwide successesThe Luxury Strategy rationalizes those business models which have achieved profitability while sustaining the luxury status of their brands and sets out the counter intuitive rules for successfully marketing luxury goods and The Luxury Strategy MOBI #237 service. This book is a must have if you work or are interested in the luxury sector It covers all the issues from the definition of luxury marketing brand management business models luxury and the internet etc and is very practical The authors are well known within the luxury sector and they poured their experience in this book I particularly enjoyed the chapter on the anti laws of luxury marketing in itself worth the price of the entire book The book is packed full with examples taken from real luxury brands and flows amazingly very well written clear and straight to the point The examples are still current as the book was published in 2012Such a shame it contains some minor errors Ferre' was a designer for Dior and not for Chanel as the authors stated and several spelling mistakes Additionally the chapter on brand stretching and brand extension is a little bit messy as the authors keep on jumping from one concept to the other without any clear logic behind it it starts talking about brand extension then in the next paragraph is brand stretching and then back to brand extension ó 4 Summary

The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands Summary ↠ 104 Þ ✬ [PDF] ✓ The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands By ✹ – Luxury is in fashion and is now to be found in almost Luxury is in fashion and Luxury Strategy Epub #224 is now to be found in almost every retail manufacturing and service sector New terms like mass luxury new luxury and hyper luxury attempt to ualify luxury causing confusion today about what really makes a luxury product a luxury brand or a luxury companyLuxury experts Jean Noel Kapferer and Vincent Bastien provide the first rigorous blueprint for effectively. The gold standard for books on the subject of luxury Informs you of many industry secrets and very clearly written Highly recommended The only book you really need on the subject