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Corporate Brand Personality Re focus Your Organizations Culture to Build Trust Respect and AuthenticityUre in order to compete in a business world that demands trust respect and strong values Moving beyond simply how products are marketed and perceived. Surely by now companies must understand that the business world in the mid 2010s is different demanding trust respect and strong corporate values delivered through a corporate brand personality Marketing and trying to sell product is not usually enough So for those who have not yet realised this and for those who wish to check that they are firing on all cylinders this book is for youThe author mixes theory and practice together to explain how a company can inspire its employees to think about their corporate personality managing improving and advocating change both internally and externally This is a company wide process affecting every department demanding strong and focussed leadership to help lead the process that may change dramatically the company’s external appearance in subtle and possibly not so subtle waysIt was a pleasant and accessible read not bogged down with esoteric heavy theory such can have their place here is not one of those occasions It is written for do ers in mind whilst acknowledging that change might not be an overnight occurrence and something that may suffer from opposition or scepticism Yet the author thinks positively and this radiates throughout the book with an enthusiastic actionable toneThe author notes that there has been a steady decline in manners within business in recent time leading to an almost accepted culture of apathy rudeness disrespect and general lack of common manners in communication and business dealings even though it can be noted communications are still wrapped up with a faux politeness thanking us for our business addressing us by name or a general touchy feely approach Yet it is not authentic it can feel false a fake personality in other words How many of us really think we are valued customers despite the nice words uttered when we are on board an aircraft when we open an email from a supplier or are in a store Do we trust these companies and have good faith More needs to be done a culture shift needs to occur for many since after all it is the negative issues that gets remembered and talked about and today it is easier than ever to pass on negative feedback experiences to friends contacts and the wider worldSome of the suggestions to help change are pretty obvious – when you think about it – yet they are not being implemented Such as reverse mentoring Typically the older experienced and senior employee lecture their subordinates or effect change Sometimes the younger employees may have a different better perspective and it is they who perhaps should be mentoring their seniors about certain things whether it is a cultural difference a new technology a new trend or just a different way of doing something A strong secure leader shouldn’t have anything to fear from this and everything to gain yet that needs a great confident secure senior doesn’t it and there can be a shortage of themThis was a book that kept throwing out ideas and thoughts and it was hard to put down Even if you don’t specifically have a need for change are you sure the book is than capable of giving a great perspective overhaul and touches on many areas Set aside some time to read it focus on its messages and prepare for possible change If you really do have everything in order great – this book can help confirm that For the majority of companies out there that may need a helping hand this book could be part of the solution

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Read & download Ò Corporate Brand Personality: Re-focus Your Organizations Culture to Build Trust, Respect and Authenticity ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Corporate Brand Personality: Re-foIt explains how to lead and Corporate Brand PDF engage people at every level within the organization to ensure consistent engagement with brand values. A practical and powerful must read for any executive who wants to sustainably boost the bottom line by creating a culture of impactful and authentic customer experiences This will take your corporate brand to a whole new level Highly recommend

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Corporate Brand Personality addresses the increasing need Personality Re focus MOBI #245 for organizations to refocus and realign their corporate cult. Great Read Well formulated Strategies for self improvement in todays changing culture Awesome study guide Love it