Monsters of River and Rock: My Life as Iron Maiden’s Compulsive Angler Read Û 104

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Monsters of River and Rock: My Life as Iron Maiden’s Compulsive Angler Read Û 104 ä ❮Ebook❯ ➦ Monsters of River and Rock: My Life as Iron Maiden’s Compulsive Angler ➧ Author – Updated for paperback with a brand new chapter on PUpdated for paperback with a of River eBook #8608 brand new chapter on Parrot Cay Island Legendary Iron Maiden guitarist takes you to the final frontier of fishing Welcome to the world of Adrian Smith playing onstage to millions of fans while behind the scenes he explores far flung rivers seas and lakes waterways and weirs in a fearless uest for fishing nirvana Hooked on the angling adrenaline rush since first catching perch from East. First off I know virtually nothing about fishing and so I was glad to see that Smith included a glossary of terms at the back of the book to help folks like meSecond I am a huge Iron Maiden fan and have read books by and about members of the band was interested in this one in part because of the personal dimension implied in the title and description I has not failed to deliver and I'm about 14 through it alreadySmith's writing is intelligent descriptive and person a lot like his guitar playing and lyrics and reading it feels like listening to an interesting person tell a personal story It's engaging and I might even learn something about fishing ☆ 4 Read & Download

London canals on outings with his father Adrian grew up to be in one of the most successful rock bands in history On tour his Monsters eBook #9734 gear went with him The fish got bigger The adventures extreme In Monsters of River and Rock you'll hear about his first sturgeon a whopping pounder from the roaring rapids of Canada's Fraser River that nearly wiped him out mid Maiden tour Then there's the close shave with a shark off the V. Well I have done a little fishing in my past certainly would not consider myself an angler But I would consider myself a huge Maiden fan So I bought the book because Adrian Smith seems the most down to earth of all the members of Iron Maiden And he is I enjoyed the fishing storiesAdrian Smith seems to have a reverence for nature and a passion for fishing The inter mixed stories about Iron Maiden mostly recording new albums and tours were great wish there were and his auatic adventures made for a good read No great revelations and no a ha momentsbut plenty of good oh's and ahs to keep me going Adrian seems like the most likely of all the Maiden members to sit down and enjoy a cold beverage with and talk about the good times

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Monsters of River and Rock My Life as Iron Maiden’s Compulsive AnglerIrgin Islands whilst wading waist deep for bonefish Not to mention an enviable list of specimen coarse fish from the UK Come to the riverbank with Adrian and cast a line on the wild side'Outstanding' Times Radio 'Writes beautifully' The Sun 'Beautifully written account' Monsters of River eBook #10003 Guardian 'Essential reading' The Music Radar 'Candid Monsters of River and Rock Kindle wit and cracking anecdotes' Classic Rock magazi. this book was really cool 2 things I really enjoy in life together in one book Iron Maiden and fishing Adrian tells some great stories and his descriptions make you feel like you are there with him Loved this book