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READ & DOWNLOAD The Way of Archery: A 1637 Chinese Military Training Manual í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Download] ➾ The Way of Archery: A 1637 Chinese Military Training Manual Author Jie Tian – The Way of Archery provides a detailed introduction tThe Way of Archery provides a detailed introduction of Archery PDFEPUB #235 to practicing archery in the traditional Chinese military style It explains the basics of how to shoot using the Asian thumb ring proper posture training regimen euipment and avoiding pitfalls in shooting The thorough translation and commentary with. Being new to archery I was torn between 2 different books that discussed thumb draw style archery The Way of Archery focuses specifically on one style of Chinese military archery penned by Gao Ying The other book had a plethora of styles and techniues I am so glad I bought this book first By focusing on one style a very effective one I might add I was able to get started and learn very uickly how to shoot w a thumb ring This book not only teaches you in very specific terms proper techniue but even goes as far as warning of potential pitfalls It is full of insightful experiential anecdotes of Gao Ying as he pursued archery all of his life And in his retirement he put into writing his thoughts on the best method in a very straight forward way He doesn't beat around the bush He dispenses w flowery language saying it has no practicality and explains why and how his techniue works versus other styles He discusses biomechanical efficiency before that term was even coined The way Gao Ying writes is almost like he's talking directly to you one of his old school chums Keeping in mind this book was originally written in 1637 pretty much all of the information is still relevant today But Justin Ma and Jie Tian both add their own notes to either clarify a point or make recommendations based on today's technologies Anyone wishing to learn thumb draw style archery definitely needs to read this book

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Original and new illustrations provide a fresh and practical perspective on Gao Ying's archery treatise which itself influenced generations of archers in East Asia The authors themselves are active practitioners of Chinese archery having spent The Way eBook #222 an endless amount of time and effort vetting their understand. Amazing book The book is hardcover with a very nice printed cover that reflects the hard back The printing is on wonderfully thick paper and the printing and photography are absolutely first class The content is outstanding to say the least If you knew nothing about Asiatic archery you could pick up this book and with diligent training you could learn to shoot a bow in the manner described within its pages The photographs are thorough in demonstrating what the author from the 1600's is teaching I could not be happy with this book I have owned and shot bows since I was 4 and have become interested in cultural archery over the last few years I have not enough good words to say about this book It is not only for archers but history enthusiasts will find this book uite interesting as well The authors the new ones not the original one are uite knowledgeable of their subject matter as they 'walk the walk' in Chinese archery The also make Asiatic styled bows which are uite nice I was not able to get one before they stopped manufacturing bows with custom options I was really wanting their huge ing bow with birch bark but their bows are styled after actual Asian bows of their periods If you are wanting to get into Chinese styled archery or just want a good read this book is definitely for you I am looking forward to practicing the techniues with these pages and referring to this book for many years to come

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The Way of Archery A 1637 Chinese Military Training ManualIng of this old manual and putting its ideas into practice Through this process the authors have been able to make this archery text accessible to modern readers Not only will the reader come to understand the technical side of the Way of Archery but will connect with the philosophy and spirit of the ancient Chinese warrior. This is an outstanding book and a must have if you are at all interested in Asian Traditional Archery Originally written by Gao Ying a lifelong archery student and instructor in 1634 in the closing years of his life and of the Ming Dynasty Gao Ying observed the strengths and weaknesses of many of his fellow archers and of numerous 'methods' of archery shooting and in this book instructs on what he considers the perfect form for efficient effective consistent and safe bow shooting Additionally this book is full of interesting observations and directives on everything from arrow and bow construction thumb tings and draw weights to target distances and the importance of trained horses Jie Tian and Justin Ma have painstakingly translated this text already clear and surprising frank in its nature into this book that is both incredibly informative and an enjoyable read Additionally the book is full of photographs which show the many nuances of proper shooting posture and form and common mistakes that archers can makeAll in all this is a great and esthetically beautiful book Thanks to Jie and Justin's hard work and dedication to The Way of Archery I now use Gao Ying's principals and method of shooting myself and I am a far far better archer for it