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Review Becoming By Cindy Crawford: By Cindy Crawford with Katherine O' Leary

Becoming By Cindy Crawford: By Cindy Crawford with Katherine O' Leary Review × 7 ´ [Reading] ➸ Becoming By Cindy Crawford: By Cindy Crawford with Katherine O' Leary ➮ Cindy Crawford – International supermodel Cindy Crawford presents her own personal visual autobiogrLity and voice and blazed a trail in the 's seamlessly moving between the runway to other unconventional outlets and moments appearing in Playboy Magazine twice appearing in George Michael's groundbreaking video Freedom becoming the face of MTV's fashion show House of Style and inflaming young hearts everywhere with a star turn in the iconic Pepsi commercial to name only a few On the eve of her fiftieth birthday this book includes observations By Cindy Crawford By Cindy PDF or by Crawford about her earliest modeling yea. This book by Cindy Crawford is a glimpse of her experiences as a model and towards the end she discusses how she expanded her brand I think Cindy is very attractive smart and back in the day was a real Super Model Seeing her photos in Vogue I remember thinking that woman is perfect so I was expecting this book to be something one could sink their teeth into But it's notLet me start by stating what is good about this book The binding it doesn't have a paper cover rather the binding has some texture and her cover photo and back are printed on this binding Eliminates having the paper cover tear or wear as the book is read and put on a bookshelf Also the paper uality is really goodsomewhat thick pages that sometimes have you flipping 2 pages if you're not careful Next there are tons of photos in the book many on one page Photos that I don't remember seeing some are editorial that may not have been previously published The photos are crisp and clear There are also pages consisting of a montage of photos so you get many views of Cindy from her beginning years to the last years of her actual modeling career And she does include many nude photos For someone who is considering entering the modeling field take note of this book and see how a real professional does her job In addition you will notice that she was not very thin during her career as compared to the stick figures we see today I'm saying that in a good way because even Linda Evangelista Christy Turlington Stephanie Seymour all had curves yet were still top models in Vogue and BazaarThere's some overkill in this book that in my opinion prevented me from giving it a 5 star review First of all she has 11 chapters YES 11 chapters each devoted to a photographer she worked with Totally useless she could have put that information in 1 2 chapters at best What would have been a good idea to include is a chapter or two on her experiences working the haute couture in Paris and Milan She did plenty of those shows and how fun would it have been to read about the process or the clothes or what models have to endure working these shows Nothing about that in the entire book Also although this could be considered a coffee table book there are many many pages that are not completely covered in verbiage Most chapters end at 13 or 12 of the page which of course adds to the volume of the bookLastly the book is really her memories of certain photo shoots each given a chapter KD Lang cover on Vanity Fair; or the shot of her with the python around her neck This is not a how to book; it's a trip down memory lane for Cindy perfect model with tons of money perfect husband perfect kids perfect life Other than 1 or 2 incidents that were sour one was that the photographer Skrebneski shut her out of his life this book is a Polyanna look at the modeling industry and Cindy Crawford Nothing wrong with that but if you're thinking this is a meat and potatoes book it's not Lovely photos some lovely stories

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Rs thoughts about various points of her career her responsibilities as a public figure her recent transitions into the business world and her feelings about being a mother and turning fifty Photographs span her entire career beginning from the late s and include images by almost every top name in fashion photography Photographers whose work will appear in this book include Annie Leibovitz Arthur Elgort Helmut Newton Herb Ritts Irving Penn Mario Testino Patrick Demarchelier Peter Lindbergh and Richard Avedon among others. Cindy was my idol back in the 90's I bought every magazine with her on the cover or any that had an article about her insideand wore Revlon because of her lol I wanted to get this book thinking there was going to be lots of beautiful pictures but I have to say I was disappointed in the pictures a bit; however it's a nice easy interesting read I've read most of it just a couple chapters left at the end It was enlightening to realize there is much to being a good model than being pretty it is a craft to be honed and was stunned by the fact she says her first photographermanager said she is not easy to photograph And really how those words stuck with her throughout her career Not sure if it was true or notShe will always be my favorite modelsupermodel Happy for her she's had a long fulfilling career

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Becoming By Cindy Crawford By Cindy Crawford with Katherine O' LearyInternational supermodel Cindy Cindy Crawford ePUB #9734 Crawford presents her own personal visual autobiography the first Becoming By eBook #190 book to chronicle her life and career featuring some of her most memorable By Cindy Crawford PDF #203 images Crawford began modeling as a teenager first shot by Arthur Elgort followed By Cindy Crawford By Cindy PDF or uickly with a Vogue cover shot by Avedon She was the cornerstone of the Golden Age of the Supermodel in the s and the first supermodel with a distinctive persona. Beautifully writtenNice photographs