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GDPR For Dummies Free download í E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ [Reading] ➿ GDPR For Dummies Author Suzanne Dibble – Dont be afraid of the GDPR wolf How can your business easily comply with the new data protection and privacy laws and avoid fines of up to 27M GDPR For Dummies sets out in simple stepS personal data and special category data Gain consent for online and offline marketing Put your Privacy Policy in place Report a data breach before being fined % of US businesses havent figured out how theyll report breaches in a timely fashion provide customers the right to be forgotten conduct privacy impact assessments andIf you are one of those businesses that hasn't put a plan in place then GDPR For Dummies is for yo. After ualifying as a GDPR Practitioner & having followed the author Suzanne Dibble and her Small Business Academy which incorporated comprehensive GDPR material I felt this book would be an ideal reference book & perhaps a good tool to offer as a reference for clients to purchase I have not been disappointedSuzanne keeps the language understandable and regularly references real life scenarios to keep the regulation in perspective with real lifeThere are good references to resources and upcoming reviews to regulations Overall a good book for a small business owner or responsible executive to be able to speak with knowledge and understanding on the new data protection regulation

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Dont be afraid of the GDPR wolf How can your business easily comply with the new data protection and privacy laws and avoid fines of up to M GDPR For Dummies sets out in simple steps how small business owners can comply with the complex General Data Protection Regulations GDPR These regulations apply to all businesses established in the EU and to businesses established outside of the EU insofar as they process personal dat. So I've worked in Data Protection for not as long as the author specifically 4 years which for some is no time at all I'm very much self taught at least initially Why wasn't this book around in 2016 In 2016 I really had to dig hard for resources to help me in my new career path and whilst all the research I did has helped me get to my current DPO position I really could have done with a resource as expansive as thisThe reason I like this book so much1 If you search for GDPR on you'll find a motley crew of outdated books that haven't really dealt with developments in the past couple of years2 You'll find a mixture of bad and good reviews and I am not sure how much I trust the reliability of them3 When you do find an okay book often the language is so far out of a laymans reach it's practically intelligibleI have a lot of resources at my disposal now I am in my current position but this book is currently sat on my desk and is already looking worse for wear I'm revitalising our data protection practices I work for a large national company can't say much than that and this book is guiding me I'm using the helpful tips the clear explanations to restructure our DPIA process and this afternoon I'm going through the lawful bases section to check whether we could be doing things a bit differentlyMy Head of Compliance has been eyeing this up for days he can get his own I am not sharing

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GDPR For DummiesA GDPR For MOBI #181 about people within the EU Inside youll discover how GDPR applies to your business in the context of marketing employment providing your services and using service providers Learn how to avoid fines regulatory investigations customer complaints and brand damage while gaining a competitive advantage and increasing customer loyalty by putting privacy at the heart of your business Find out what constitute. This is an excellent informative book which succeeds in appealing to a broad stream of people from data protection professionals to small business owners and to individuals who just want to be informed of their information rights It excellently balances the task of explaining a complex regulation whilst still remaining accessible What really struck me was the attention to detail with references to recent case law throughout It also provide lots of handy points for small and medium businesses to achieve GDPR compliance I really have to congratulate the author this is the resource that I have on the GDPR and I am thankful that I purchased it