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The Boron LettersA series of letters by history’s greatest copywriter Gary C Halbert explaining insider tactics and sage wisdom to his youngest son Bond Once only available as part of a paid monthly premium The Boron Letters are uniue in the marketing universe and now they are a bona fide cult classic among direct response marketers and copywriters around the world The letters The MOBI #181 inside are written from a father to a son in a loving way that goes far beyond a mere sales book or fancy boardroom advertising advice It's than a Master's Degree in selling persuasionit's hands down the best SPECIFIC and ACTIONABLE training on how. One of the guys that I followDan Kennedy spoke so highly of this guy I just knew I had to see what he was about Granted I'm late to the gamebut the information is still useful and still used There are some racial undertones that I thought were unnecessary but that can be said of Tom Sawyer Overall this is a practical how to make money bookthe title does not say it but this guy lays out EVERYTHING you need to do to generate cash With today's technologypractically everything is mail order With e mail list and Facebook and this book there is no way you should not succeed Although it is very old school depending on your target audience these old school methods will work just as well Overall a great book

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The Boron Letters free read ☆ 0 ò ✅ The Boron Letters PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Gary C. Halbert, Bond Halbert – A series of letters by history’s greatest copywriter Gary C Halbert explaining insider tactics and sage wisdom to his youngest son Bond Once only available as part of a paid monthly premium The Boro A seTo convince people to buy your products or services than I have ever read The Boron Letters contain knowledge well beyond selling The letters also explain how to navigate life's hurdles This marketing classic is personal and easily digestible Plus immediately after reading the first chapters you can go out and make money and a real noticeable difference in your marketplace There are very few successful direct response marketers online or off who don't owe something to Gary Halbertand for many of them The Boron Letters is the crown jewel in their collection Copywriters and marketers read and re read The Boron Letters ove. I first read these letters written by the author to his son from prison on the Gary Halbert Letters website and bought the book to add to my copywriting and marketing libraryThese letters date back to 1984 so don't expect tips about the Internet email and social media Instead expect advice that goes deeper than modern media Their purpose was to teach his youngest son about marketing and lifeEven by then Gary Halbert was a legendary copywriter and direct marketer who had lived a roller coaster life He published a popular marketing newsletter and has been an inspiration to many of the top copywriters of the last 30 yearsThe letters are in some parts a ramble about his life in prison and the life lessons he has learned Sometimes they contain personal comments about his family At other times they focus on explaining how he had managed to be so successful The letters are not edited so you have to go wherever he takes you His son Bond Halbert follows up with his own comments to give his thoughts on the advice he received from his father and updates the ideas to the days of the Internet and emailsIf you want a pure marketing guide this book isn't for you It even takes its time before it starts talking about marketingThe book covers How to select the best list to use How to train yourself in copywriting including the books to read than once How to select a market worth pursuing How to create an information product even when you know nothing about the subject at the start The A and B piles and why it's vital to pass this first test Halbert was very firm on this while other copywriters favour teaser copy in some situations The right thing to do is to test it How to use grabbers to gain attention How to induce guilt to reply using stamped return envelopes How to prepare to write the copy How to improve your copywriting skills How to use eye relief to keep people reading your copy And This is a hard book to assess and rate Gary Halbert was a great copywriters and his insights are valuable So too are his lessons on life even if you don't agree with a few they make you thinkHalbert himself recognises his babblings are getting too random This is the problem if you want to learn copywriting There is little structure and he doesn't delve in as deeply as I'd want when he finds an interesting issue3 or 4 stars I think I'm probably at the 36 level so I should round upIf you're a business owner who wants to learn copywriting there are many books that will give you a structured approach If you're a copywriter you should probably read it as part of your continuing education but it's a book of nuances rather than theories concepts or direction You should also read the Gary Halbert LettersI'm left wishing there was a better copywriting book by Gary Halbert There is a book called How To Maximum Money In Minimum Time but I haven't seen it or read it and it's a bit expensive to buy on specPaul Simister a business coach who helps business owners with disappointing marketing to get unstuck

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R and over again for a reason These strategies secrets and tips are going to be relevanteven years from now because they deal honestly with the part of human psychology which never changes how to convince and convert folks into buyers Bottom line Read the first chapter Get into the flow of Gary's mind Then read the second I dare you to NOT finish the entire darn thing After you put a few of the lessons into practice you too will find yourself reading The Boron Letters again and again like so many of today’s top marketers If you don’t already have your copy get it now I promise you won't regret it My best Lawton Chile. This book is very good It seems to have a lot of real open heart wisdom from Father to son and it's street wisdom witch is always goodAnd street wisdom from Gary Halbert is just brilliantI know there are some Copywriting veterans here on reviews of this book but for a beginner as I am I recommend for a depth understanding on direct marketing the book i actually wrote a review here at on the book AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Advertising Hardcover – 1 Dec 1994 Joe Vitale