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review Scientific Advertising: 21 advertising, headline and copywriting techniques Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [EPUB] ✷ Scientific Advertising: 21 advertising, headline and copywriting techniques Author Claude C Hopkins – Understand and use the concepWhich he had used through his successful career in advertising including How advertising laws are Advertising 21 advertising headline and PDFEPUB or established What the professionals in advertising already know and how we can use this knowledge to develop better ads Just salesmanship What is advertising and how is it best used Offer service The best ways to offer service to increase sales Mail order advertising What it teaches us and how we can apply it to our own adverts Headlines A lot of headlines get a poor response in email marketing websites and adverts Learn how to increase your response rate Psychology Use Hopkins experience to direct people to buy and use your produ. This book is so good it's very surprising how long ago it was written It is one of those reads that are reuired for every marketeer or advertiser Not only because Claude Hopkins is one of the first modern advertising genius but also because the information given is still very applicable nowadaysIf you are in this kind of business you don't want to miss it

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Ainty Hopkins clearly shows how to write copy provides methods for testing it and shows how evidence based advertising gets results in a measurable and cost effective way A must read if you are in business sales or advertising Hopkins shows what makes us Advertising 21 advertising ePUB #9734 buy and how you can make it happen This edition also includes examples of adverts produced by Claude Hopkins through his career Nobody should Advertising 21 advertising headline and PDFEPUB or be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times It changed the course of my life David Ogilvy Within this book Hopkins shows a variety of tested techniues. It may feel somewhat a little dated because of the examples etc but the principles explained are good fundamentals I would like to see a refreshed edition perhaps in sync with the age of data but what do I know

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Scientific Advertising 21 advertising headline and copywriting techniquesUnderstand and use the 21 advertising PDFEPUB #227 concepts of successful advertising Whether you are considering a career in advertising or trying to find the best way to market your product start with Hopkins and then move onto the rest In this powerful book he explains the process to get and measure results from your advertising Claude Hopkins wrote 'Scientific Advertising' in but his insight into consumer behaviour still holds The aim was to explain the rules Scientific Advertising eBook #8608 of advertising and what makes consumers buy so that advertising returns would become a certainty and not a guess Learn how to use his techniues to write adverts which sell with cert. The author assumes that you you know the old lingo freely talking about split runs and traced returns I had to look up a few of theseThe tone is a little dogmatic at times but for some reason that did not irritate me I guess that Hopkins impressed me enough with his superior knowledge that I allowed him thatMuch of this stuff still seems relevant today II kept thinking That's also true for for advertising copy in ebay and facebookIn common with other authors in the advertising industry Hopkins portrays advertising as a beneficial service for consumers rather than a tool to persuade us to buy stuff against our better judgement In fairness Hopkins does focus on giving us reliable and accurate information from the manufacturer so that we can make our own decision rather than using Hidden Persuaders