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read Å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç Sam Zell Crowd gathers as I Being Too Subtle? Straight Kindle much information as possible then trusts his own instincts He credits much of his independent thinking to his parents who were I Being Too Subtle? Straight Kindle Jewish refugees from World War II Talk to any two people and you might get wild swings in their descriptions of Zell A media firestorm ensued when the Tribune Company went into bankruptcy a year after he agreed to steward the enterprise At the same time his razor sharp instincts are legendary on Wall Street and he has sponsored over a dozen IPOs  He's known as the Grave Dancer for his strategy of targeting troubled assets yet he's created thousands of jobs Within his own organization he has an inordinate number of employees at every level who are fiercely loyal and have worked for him for decades Zell's got a big personality he is often contrarian blunt and ir. BEYOND GREATHoly smokes; I was just noticing some lower than 5 Stars Reviews You have no idea how great this book is I'm 83% through the book in under a week and have over 55 highlightsnotes in my Kindle This is instantly an Investment Classic This has to be Top 3 of all time books ever written on how to think and how to structure deals and tax efficiency and how to createbuild a company culture For those with less stars go fly a kite and continue to put your head in the sand I can't believe how great this book is and I was raving to my wife I can't stop reading it this is the best among all real estate biographiesaction books I have ever read I have read ALL THE MASTERS including the other Sam Zell book by Johnson I have read Zeckendorf Rouse Hines Trammell Crow 2 Maverick RE Investing how to think not technical but big picture such as GrahamBuffettMunger probably most akin to Munger like thinking FWS by Ponzio Einhorn Klarman Charles Koch both books by Koch on culture such as Science of Success MBM Good Profit just worth 22B Greenblatt If you are new to real estate or seasoned you need to read this book It is ripe with wisdom I wish I could have been fortunate enough to work with Zell and those who have at ER EOP Euity Commonwealth or others; consider yourselves blessed What a hero The Tribune naysayers you should have listened to him he actually cares and aligns interests Truly a uniue wise and sound individual I have left a few reviews in the past but you are a fool not to read this book and if you have less than half the book highlighted you aren't seeing it Thank you Sam Zell I am forever grateful of shortening my learning curve and hope to come even 25% close to what you have accomplished This is RE Investment Risk Analysis LBO's Value Investing all in one Sam Zell is a master of making complex situations simple He can synthesize information into basic concepts and formats What takes most people a paragraph or to convey he can do it in a sentence Brilliance thank you and blessed to have read this book Sam THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS I hope to do similar things and have learned so much

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Am I Being Too Subtle?: Straight Talk From a Business Rebel summary Þ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Am I Being Too Subtle?: Straight Talk From a Business Rebel By Sam Zell – The traits that make Sam Zell one of the world's most successful entrep Reverent and always curious and hardworking This is the guy who started wearing jeans to work in the s when offices were a sea of gray suits He's the guy who told The Wall Street Journal in If it ain't fun we don't do it He rides motorcycles with his friends the Zell's Angels around the world and he keeps ducks on the deck outside his office As he writes I simply don't buy into many of the made up rules of social convention The bottom line is If you're really good at what you do you have the freedom to be who you really are Am I Being Too Subtle a reference to Zell's favorite way to underscore a point takes readers on a ride across his business terrain sharing with honesty and humor stories of the times he got it right when he didn't and most important what he learned in the process  This is an indispensable guide for the next generation of disrupters entrepreneurs and investo. In this very transactional world in which you are freuently judged a winner or a loser on a specific deal and bosses colleagues and subordinates are perceived as the means to financial ends Zell makes clear that reputation true relationships and win win deals are guideposts for both business and life success While each deal doesn't always work out Zell shows with non subtle clear prose that hard work intelligence self confidence friendships and FUN make for many successes than failures and a well lived life A must read for any young budding entrepreneur and all students of business

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Am I Being Too Subtle Straight Talk From a Business RebelThe traits that make Being Too Kindle #209 Sam Zell one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs also make him one of the most surprising enigmatic and entertaining mavericks in American business   Self made billionaire Sam Zell consistently sees what others don't From finding a market for overpriced Playboy magazines Am I eBook #9734 among his junior high classmates to buying real estate on the cheap after a market crash to investing in often unglamorous industries with long term value Zell acts boldly on supply and demand trends to grab the first mover advantage And he can find opportunity virtually anywhere from I Being Too Kindle #214 an arcane piece of legislation to a desert meeting in Abu Dhabi If everyone is going left look right Zell often says To him conventional wisdom is nothing but a reference point Year after year deal after deal he shuts out the noise of the. I have seen Sam Zell interviewed on CNBC and on other TV outlets over the years and I always came away thinking how smart he was Zell is a true iconoclast and does not follow the herd mentality Clearly this has held him in good stead as he has become a billionaire I bought his book as soon as I knew it was being published as I figured there was a lot to learn from him His wisdom seemed pretty simple and homespun although like Warren Buffet the man is shrewd and understands how to assess risksAfter reading the book what really comes through as setting Zell apart is how he does not follow the herd mentality The man is a true clear thinker This is not a guy who makes his decisions from listening to the often ill informed talking heads in the media He does his homework and then makes his own decisions He does a good job of explaining his philosophy including giving examples To his credit Zell discusses not just his successes but he also talks about his mistakes namely his investment in the Tribune Company and in parenting for examples because you often lean from your failuresUltimately you should judge a book that dispenses advice on how practical the advice is and whether there is anything actionable to take away He offers a lot of insights that are good but also that any experienced business person already knows work hard have good ethics do your homework go against the crowd What sets the book apart and I’m gathering Zell as well is how he tells the story and thinks just a little bit differently The nuances and details are often important and the little things Zell points out as lessons I found the most meaningful Surprising for a captain of industry Zell preaches being nice to everyone; and he explains why you don’t have to be a jerk and get in people’s faces to be successful That doesn’t mean shirking from the truth and being direct as the book’s title says but getting the right balance as Zell outlines has clearly worked for him Having read dozens of books by entrepreneurs and business people over thirty years I found this to be one of the bestThe advice is there for the taking the uestion is do most of us have the fortitude to stick with something you believe in when everyone is telling you that you are wrong