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Breaking Clays: Target Tactics, Tips & Techniques characters á 107 Ù ❮Reading❯ ➵ Breaking Clays: Target Tactics, Tips & Techniques ➭ Author Chris Batha – A book to transform the performance of all clay shooters Proven tournament techniues Written by one of the worClays Target ePUB #180 A Clays Target Tactics Tips Epubbook to transform the performance of all clay shooters Proven tournament techniues Written by one of the world's leading instructors Breaking Clays is a comprehensive and practical book that presents in depth advice and instruction for shooters of all disciplines Beginning with. To me Chris Batha is not only a great shooter but appears to be very dedicated to the sport of shot gunning in general He is an outstanding teacher imparting his first hand experience on his pupils without reservation If you watch some of his Youtube videos his reward for teaching comes across as his love of life However if you feel the need for a hands on lesson he is available for a fee I believe Chris spends a good deal of his time between America and the UK Check out his web site chrisbathacomschoolsandshowsJUST MY TWO CENTS; America should look at the UK because they have created a stand alone industry of shooting employing tens of thousands We need jobs so why not take the advice of professional British shot gunners and create a new profitable industry in America

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The basics and advancing to proven tournament techniues the book is packed with invaluable Breaking Kindle tips on how to break Breaking Clays Target Tactics Tips Kindle clays in your chosen gameChris Batha has worked with some of the top competitors and shooting coaches in the world today While every top shot has his own approa. This is a short but comprehensive look at all things related to shooting clays trap skeet and sporting clays Batha starts with an interesting and compact history lesson and then gets into the ABCs of shooting clays He manages to cover the basics and elementals and get into advanced techniues with an economy of words and very useful illustrations and pictures I'd consider this book as a must read for anyone diving into shooting clays and seeking both a foundational working knowledge and a complete primer of shooting clay tips and advice

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Breaking Clays Target Tactics Tips & TechniquesCh to shooting and teaching Chris recognizes that what works for one person will not necessarily work for another This clear and concise book offers Breaking Clays Target Epub #225 a distillation of the best tips and techniues that really work to improve your scores and give you the knowledge to develop to your full shooting potenti. On the negative side; this is a very dry treatment of the material I’ve read owner’s manuals with “personality” than this book There are diagrams which have no reference in the text which leaves the reader wondering what information the author is attempting to convey Having said that there is a lot of good information contained in this book especially for a beginner such as myself I have not read any other books on the topic so I can’t compare but I would recommend the book