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Free read Corporate Rebels: Make work more fun ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë ☂ Corporate Rebels: Make work more fun PDF / Epub ✐ Author Joost Minnaar – 8 radical lessons from 100 of the world's most inspiring companiesToday's workplaces are broken Badly broken With 85% of Bal movement to make workfun Their cult blog is read in over countries and has been featured in The New York Times Forbes HuffPost The Guardian and the BBC The authors have been listed among the Top Emergent Management Thinkers and won the Thinkers Radar AwardWant to learn how to improve employee engagement Rethink company culture How to change your workplace for the better Get ready to dive intothan examples of the best company cultures Learn be inspired and revolutionise today's workplac. Succinct and to the point this book highlights the frustrations and solutions that can fix typical corporate culture Should really be mandatory reading for investment firms who should be shareholder activists driving change in investee companies Status uo is difficult to shift with typical execs with vested interests in my opinion

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Of the world's most progressive organisations this book gives direct evidence that you can make work enjoyable and rewarding while boosting performance and successThis book is for people who know Rebels Make work ePUB #180 workplaces could and should be better Whether you're in the leadership team a rebel who has been suppressed by corporate dogma or a manager who is trapped in the broken system this book is for youJoost Minnaar and Pim de Morree are the founders of Corporate Rebels a glo. Corporate Rebels is full of stories extracted from their over four years of research around pioneering management practices including over 100 different organizations around the globeMost stories are shallow but serve the purpose of food for thought Some of the stories are rich and inspiring

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Corporate Rebels Make work more funRadical lessons from Make work Epub #221 of the world's most inspiring companiesToday's workplaces are broken Badly broken With % of employees disengaged % feeling burned out and % believing that their job makes no useful contribution to society work as we know it today is simply not workingThe good news There is a better Corporate Rebels PDFEPUB or way And it's not just theory It's already practiced in pioneering organisations around the globe Drawing on Minnaar and De Morree's visits to. I work for a very traditional company and have felt the same frustration that the authors have described I have been disrupting the status uo and traditional ways of doing things This book clearly and succinctly describes 8 trends in new ways of working The authors provide a variety of examples from small companies to large corporations across numerous industries all to prove CHANGE IS POSSIBLEI also like the way the book was laid out Each trend is thoroughly described with practical examples and summarized at the end with 5 actions that can be taken at an increasing level of rebelliousnessFor anyone that feels they are fighting an uphill battle in a traditional organization this book is for you