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FREE DOWNLOAD × Vidal: The Autobiography  ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Vidal: The Autobiography ⚡ Author Vidal Sassoon – Vidal Sassoons extraordinary life has taken him from an impoverished East End childhood to global fame The father of modern hairdressing his slick sharp cutting took the fashion world by stoIth his lifelong friend and partner in style Mary uant who he first met in and who to this Vidal The PDFEPUBday sports a Sassoon style geometric bob he styled the s As memorable as the mini be it car or skirt he is one of the few people who can genuinely be described as iconic His memoirs are as rich in anecdote as one might hope and full of surprising and often moving stories of his early life his time at the Spanish Por. I started reading this half way through a haircut at Vidal Sassoon's as it was laying on the side I bought a copy as I knew nothing of the man and thought I should considering I was getting my haircut at his placeIt's a surprisingly good read Without giving too much away the story starts with Vidal in East London growing up during World War 2 in almost poverty his mother eventually puts him into a orphanage Later he fights Fascism on the streets of London before joining the Israeli Defence force and fighting in the Arab Israeli war During all of this he's flirting with the idea of cutting hair and eventually starts off as an apprentice moving from barbers to barbers all over london honing his skills and creating his own looks Eventually he opens his first salon and starts to get real recognition mainly from the work he produced for the fashion shows on the catwalks and magazines Along the way he rubs shoulders with countless movie stars and celebrities all the while growing his business nationally and internationallyI like this autobiography as it gives you a glimpse of London 70 80 years ago and shows you how much the people and places have changedVidal shows us you can go far with drive determination and hardwork Inspiring stuff Thumbs up

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Tuguese Jewish Orphanage in Maida Vale fighting Fascists in Londons East End and fighting in the army of the fledgling state of Israel in the late Forties And then theres the extraordinary career during which he cut the hair of everyone who was anyone launched salons all over the world founded the hairdressing school that still bears his name and became a global brand with Vidal Sassoon products on all our bathroom shelve. Loved loved this book I thought he wrote from the heart but didn't gloss over the difficult parts of his life In the seventies when I first lived in NYC went to one of his saloons as I didn't know where else to go They cut my hair with panache and I remained faithful while I lived there


Vidal The AutobiographyVidal Sassoons extraordinary life has taken him from an impoverished East End childhood to global fame The father of modern hairdressing his slick sharp cutting took the fashion world by storm and reinvented the hairdressers art Before Vidal Sassoon a trip to the hairdressers meant a shampoo and set or a stiffly lacuered up do that would last a week orAfter Vidal Sassoon hair was sleek smooth and very very stylish Along w. I Love this book the way Vidal writes with such truthfulness and gravity Humour often aimed at himself as he looks back at the young boy he used to be I have been carried along on this full often extremely tough journey My heart went out to Mrs Sassoon I think of now as Betty as though I were there on the friday passover supper nights they enjoyed so much later when her eldest boy was able to make life so much easier for her and the family The hardship she had to endure in the unforgiving period of the late twenties and thirties Desserted by a heartless husband she has to send first her eldest son Vidal at five years old to an orphanage her youngest son on reaching five followes No welfare state existed to offer help or protection from the harsh grinding poverty of vulnerable people This background makes Vidals achievements all the amazing This book is one I wiill not forget especially as I was one of the young girls who arrived in my turn at Bond Street in 1963 to have my wonderful modern haircut and I was prepared to wait for it however long it took after work 530 appointment sometimes didnt get out till 8pm but it was all happening in there the joint was jumping Excellent book highly recommended