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Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World free read Þ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World By Cal Newport ➺ – New York Times Bestseller Digital Minimalism isT shows us how to pair back digital distractions and live ameaningful life with less technology By following a digital declutter process youll learn to Rethink your relationship with social media Prioritize high bandwidth conversations over low uality text chains Rediscover the pleasures of the offline world Take back control from your devices and find calm amongst the chaos with Digital Minimalism. I write this review fully aware of the fact I’m online in the hope that someone like me who was looking for answers in the reviews can see it and feel reassured this book is worth the time reading I bought this book several months ago flicked through to what appeared to be the relevant chapters to the core message and found myself feeling frustrated and not relating to the suggestions at all I use social media as part of my work rarely personal and my brief scan through the book didn’t produce any meaningful suggestions ‘uit social media’ yeah not going to happen So I put the book down and sulked for a few months before reading it properly with full attention right from the beginning The information and guidance is most definitely there It’s been enlightening actually The research is pretty horrific I look at my children and wonder how much of their lives I’ve missed ticking Like boxes or fretting over my Instagram bio to ensure I’m ‘found’ That being said Cal doesn’t slam the door on the internet completely This isn’t about becoming a neoluddite as I first assumed He does indeed provide a whole range of pragmatic solutions which actually make a lot of sense And I can carry on using social media for work with my head held high knowing exactly the game I’m playing I read some of the lower reviews here and it’s obvious they’ve done what I did and it read the book without their full attention Probably whilst distracted by their phones like I initially was It’s important to admit to that It’s scary actually I felt so time strapped and burnt out through checking this tiny smart phone in my hand that I couldn’t even concentrate long enough to read a chapter But this book definitely reveals another way one which feels so much lighter productive and generally harnesses the power of the internet to better ourselves without becoming slaves to it I’ve moved on to Cals other books now and also started researching boycotting breaking news completely which seems just as toxic pointless and time sucking If you’re looking for a healthy relationship with your online life both personal and professionally this IS the book

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Way What Minimalism Choosing a Focused Life ePUB #10003 a timely and useful book Naomi Minimalism Choosing a Focused Life ePUB #10003 Alderman author of The PowerLearn how to switch off and find calm Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through social media or the news while your anxiety rises Are you feeling frazzled after a long day of long video calls In this timely book professor Cal Newpor. Honestly tried everything when it came to removing myself from social media This book saved my life

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Digital Minimalism Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy WorldChoosing a Kindle #210 New York Times Bestseller Digital Minimalism is the Marie Kondo of mobile phones Evening Standard An elouent powerful and enjoyably Digital Minimalism eBook #242 practical guide to cutting back on screen time The Times An urgent call to action for anyone serious about being in Minimalism Choosing a PDF #200 command of their own life Ryan Holiday author of The Obstacle is the. Newport does not disappoint with this follow up from ‘Deep Work’ Backed up by powerful philosophy and historic examples the book is also full of practical steps to achieve a controlled life with digital technologies Being a somewhat old fashioned person myself I found it very attractive It mentions interesting concepts such as the Slow Movement; the observations of the Amish are also fascinating ‘Walden’ by Henry David Thoreau is an important reference behind this book be worth checking it out After all I believe people are generally waking up to the truths that with the increasing screen time we seem to be losing something foundamentally human