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Affordable Interior Design: High-End Tips for Any Budget summary Ø 100 Í ❧ Affordable Interior Design: High-End Tips for Any Budget free download ➛ Author Betsy Helmuth – Live in luxuryon a budget Homeowners and renters of all means dream of having a beautiful home The media Live in luxuryon Design High End eBook #180 a budget Homeowners and renters of all means dream of having a beautiful home The media makes it look so easy but many of us have less to work with and still long to live in style Affordable Interior Kindle Affordable Interior Design makes luxury an affordable reality In this DIY home decorating handbook Helmuth reveals insi. Good for basic design

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Ertise into this practical guide The chapters follow her secret design formula and include Interior Design High End Tips for Kindle creating a design budget mapping out floor plans selecting a color palette and accessorizing like a stylist Its time to start living in the home of your dreams without maxing out your credit cards Learn how with Affordable Interior Design. I'm a design student and have read a number of professional and educational texts about interior design I wish they had all been as packed with usable unpretentious information as this book is 160 pages doesn't seem like a lot when you're used to having to read 300 pages in order to get only a few good ideas but every page of this book offers uality instruction There are some great photos as well The author is cheeky and refreshing I laughed aloud when she compared curtain sheets to granny panties Some of the reviewers complain about this thing or that thing all nitpicking Yes Betsy has strong opinions about certain things Once you consider the reason she wrote this book to be as straightforward as possible in order to be as helpful as possible to the inexperienced home designer her rules make sense Case in point she dissuades the inclusion of a desk in your bedroom yet shows a photo of a bedroom with a desk next to the bed The reason she cautions against deals in the bedroom because they can be messy which doesn't make a bedroom feel calm However a desk kept as neatly as the one in the photo would be an exception; as would a chair So I hope people start to think before they start criticizing

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Affordable Interior Design High End Tips for Any BudgetDer tips and her tried and tested methods for choosing colors creating a gallery wall how to use accent tables entry benches rugs andHelmuth has Interior Design High End eBook #184 shared her affordable design advice and step by step approaches with millions through live teaching workshops guest columns television appearances and interviews Now she has distilled her exp. I don't even write reviews but in this case I feel compelled I am 45 years old and never could I grasp the concept of decorating and interior design until I read this book It was just an ability that I didn't possess even though I longed for a beautiful home In my life I have looked at dozens of decor magazines and tried to read books about interior design and my brain just refused to understand This is the first book I have ever read on this subject that was easy Easy to read and easy to understand I actually couldn't put it down and had to read it cover to cover in one sitting I am going to go back through it again I am in the process of moving to a new home and I cannot afford to hire an interior designer but for the first time ever I actually have no fear of making the place look beautiful The author is very friendly witty and funny Some reviewers of her books may say that there's not a lot in here that we don't all already know To each their own But for me to that I would say trust me we DON'T ALL know Some may not like her rules or think that she is opinionated or bossy Some may not like this but I felt that not only does she do this in a very lighthearted humorous and friendly way it was EXACTLY what I needed She simply turns decorating into a step by step formula that anyone can follow And believe me if I can follow it anyone can Not to mention all of the money in future mistakes that she has already saved me I have sincere gratitute to Betsy for writing this book and helping anyone like me anyone who thinks they just don't have the ability when it comes to interior design EDIT For those who have read Big Design Small Budget yes this looks like the same book updated