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read mobi ¿ Dear Chairman ð Boardroom Battles and the Rise of Shareholder Activism ã [PDF / Epub] ☄ Dear Chairman: Boardroom Battles and the Rise of Shareholder Activism By Jeff Gramm – A sharp and illuminating history of one of capitalism's longest running teGe fund manager and an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School Gramm has spent as much time evaluating CEOs and directors as he has trying to understand and value businesses He has seen public companies that are poorly run and some that willfully disenfranchise their shareholders While he pays tribute to the ingenuity of public company investors Gramm also exposes examples of shareholder activism at its very worst when hedge funds engineer stealthy land grabs at the expense of a company's long term prospects Ultimately he provides a thorough much needed understanding of the public companyshareholder relationship for investors managers and everyone concerned with the future of capitalis I purchased this book hoping to provide me insight of how to run big corporations I thought shareholder activism is a boring topic and didn't expecting much about the book I began reading on my train ride page by page I found I couldn't put this book down as author Jeff Gramm explained about the background and purposes of these letters I was intrigued and fascinated I soon realized why Jeff Gramm is so good at explaining such a dry topic in such engaging manner as a fund manager Jeff is living such experience he began his financial career later in life thus he had to learn how to simplify a complicated matter unlike most of finance books only makes simple concept complicated he made it easier to understand and it's applicable no matter your goal is to become CEO of a public company or become an investor like Warren Buffet the understanding of shareholder Board and management dynamics are critical

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A sharp and illuminating history of one of capitalism's longest running tensions the conflicts of interest among public company directors managers and shareholders told through entertaining case studies and original letters from some of our most legendary and controversial investors and activists Recent disputes between shareholders and major corporations including Apple and DuPont have made headlines But the struggle between management and those who own stock has been going on for nearly a century Mixing never before published and rare original letters from Wall Street icons including Benjamin Graham Warren Buffett Ross Perot Carl Icahn and Daniel Loeb with masterful scholarship and profess I thought it might end up being a little dry I was wrong It is a very captivating book and I have a hard time putting it down It gives some really good insight into the activist investor groups and the boardrooms they deal with No wonder so much of corporate america is messed up This is a good read for anyone thinking of investing to help give you insight to how any board functions If you are thinking of being a mini activist this book would be a good read also Boardrooms beware With good books like this to learn from it is only a matter of time before the everyday stockholders start causing you to take notice

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Dear Chairman Boardroom Battles and the Rise of Shareholder ActivismIonal insight Dear Chairman traces the rise in shareholder activism from the 1920s to today and provides an invaluable and unprecedented perspective on what it means to be a public company including how they work and who is really in control Jeff Gramm analyzes different eras and pivotal boardroom battles from the last century to understand the factors that have caused shareholders and management to collide Throughout he uses the letters to show how investors interact with directors and managers how they think about their target companies and how they plan to profit Each is a fascinating example of capitalism at work told through the voices of its most colorful influential participants A hed I found the book strong on the facts and seuence of events in each chapter Along the way the author develops a rich framework for thinking about corporate governance At the same time reading sometimes felt like a chore I found myself wanting a stronger narrative voice It felt like the author was in the weeds at times and some chapters seemed to lose momentum and directionRegarding design This book only uses a slight indent for text of the letters with no difference in font or size A different font would help differentiate the letters from commentaryWith a stronger narrative voice a careful edit and a redesign I could imagine a much improved second editionCORRECTION Thomas J points out that Martin Lipton and Lawrence Lederman use the words redeem and repeal in connection with this poison pill so this is NOT an error by Jeff Gramm The paragraph has been removed from my review