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The 80 20 Manager The Secret to Working Less and Achieving MoreLly in these difficult times feel completely overwhelmed Their inboxes are overflowing and they constantly struggle to finish their to do lists leaving little time for the things that really matter The 8020 Manager shows a new way to look at management and at life to enjoy work and build a successful and fulfilling caree Every time you read it you get something totally newTasks projects assignments they all seem importantBut only a few will make a big impact on your organizationYou see it all the time people in large corporations feel advancement comes from being the building fire captain responding instantly to email summer picnic committee chair answering instant messenger selecting the mail room decoratorAdvancement doesn't come from trivial activities Only a few activities can make the difference some to try strengthen a key customer relationship launch a new star product cull an activity that takes time and provides low value get a new customer form and implement a strategy make an existing service even valuableThese activities provide lasting accomplishments And are not eual to the many trivial opportunities that come your way

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The 80/20 Manager: The Secret to Working Less and Achieving More Book ↠ The Secret to Working Less and Achieving More ✓ ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The 80/20 Manager: The Secret to Working Less and Achieving More By Richard Koch ✸ – Dcmdirect.coBestselling author Richard Koch shows managers how to apply the 8020 Principle to achieve exceptional results at work without stress or long hours In his bestselling book The 8020 Principle Richard Koch showed readers how to put the 8020 Principle the idea that 80 percent of results come from just 20 percent of effort in I've been a fan of his 8020 Principal for a while That book does a very good job of explaining the theory behind it This one will show you how to take its lessons and apply it to your every day job He has everything from networking to making sure you get off work on time He even shows how a high trust environment saves you effort and time by making monitoring inputs less of an issueThe author breaks down what being an 8020 manager is in 10 sections or ways of an 8020 manager You can use them individually or as part of a system Some people will object to some of his methodology such as only focusing on a select group of customers but it is worth reading nonetheless You may find that you have been focusing on the wrong things

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To practice in their personal lives Now in The 8020 Manager he demonstrates how to apply the principle to management An 8020 manager learns to focus only on the issues that really matter achieving exceptional results and feeling successful everyday while working less hard in fewer hours A large number of managers especia I'm an overtaxed e neurCEO and mom to two active young children; time always feel like my enemy I purchased this book because 1 I would like to loosen the constraints on my life 2 I have personally experienced the benefits of the 8020 Principle in growing my business thanks to coaching from Perry Marshall author of another great 8020 book 8020 Sales and Marketing The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More 3 Effective leadership is a high priority for me; it is the only way in which I will be able to accomplish #1 And of course I want to do well by the people who work to support my effortsWhether you are new to the concept of 8020 or a seasoned 8020 expert this book is exceptional It begins with a comprehensive explanation of this mathematical principle; it's a great introduction to the concept yet interesting review for those of us who are familiar with itIt then goes on to spell out ten specific ways in which 8020 can be applied to the most valuable and complex resource in our lives and businesses human capital The text is very accessible; you should have no trouble wrapping your brain around the information and concepts described in this book Each of the Ten Ways is brought to life with stories and examples that truly made the book hard to put downBest of all I finished the book with an intense sense of motivation to be a strong leader for my employees and the clients we serve There is a tone of ease optimism and joy throughout this book that is palpable Half way through the book I paused to send a recommendation to my dear cousin who is a mid level manager; I just know she'll be inspired by the information perspectives and how tos brought to life in this book So I obviously recommend it here with full faith that you will find it valuable too