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kindle Þ Hello Lighthouse Ô Paperback read ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Hello Lighthouse Author Sophie Blackall – A beloved picture book from two time Caldecott Medal award winner Sophie Blackall that transports readers to the seaside in timeless nautical splendor Watch the days and seasons pass asAnd writes every detail in his logbook Step back in time and through the door of this iconic lighthouse into a cozy dollhouse like interior with the extraordinary award winning artist Sophie Blackal I give the story itself 5 stars For our family it's poetic and beautiful I like to read stories that create a vision in my children's head rather than stories that spell out every little detail of what is being told in the story I like picture books that promote beautiful images and inspire young minds to use their imaginations and depict on their own what is happening or about to happen as I read the story to them This book does that Although my toddler didn't understand the story just loved looking at the pictures my six year old LOVED the story and understood it well We talked about the sad parts and the beauty of life He loves this story so much that I decided to buy it for his birthday we had checked it out at the library previouslyThis is where my 3 stars comes in The book jacket cover came with what looks like red crayon on the back of it I ordered a replacement and that one came with scuff marks on the back and is a little torn on the front Very minor blemishes but frustrating nonetheless I wish the book jacket was durable for little hands but importantly durable to at least arrive in pristine condition I'm not even sure it's worth trying to re order another replacement at this point

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S the fog rolls in and icebergs drift by Outside there is water all around Inside the daily life of a lighthouse keeper and his family unfolds as the keeper boils water for tea lights the lamp's wick This is a really cute story with great illustrations My son is kind of getting to the point where these types of books are a little too simplistic but he liked it In fact we read it 3 times in a row after unboxing itThe second time around we really focused on the pictures and talked about what we were seeing It didn’t take my son long to point out that there is no bathroom; which then prompted a 30 minute discussion about where the guy and his family poop Gotta love the dialogues with a 4 year old boyMy son kept asking me where he poops So I told him he probably climbs to the top and poops over the railing But he did notice that the top is skinnier than the bottom and the poop would just splat on the side of the lighthouse and then run downSo I then suggested that maybe he poops in his coal bucket then throws it over the side But this didn’t assuage his curiosity either He noticed it seemed to be very windy and stated that if he threw the poop over the side it would just blow back in his face or get stuck on the hook down on the rocks Which then turned into about 5 minutes of him telling how funny it would be if his poop got stuck on the hook because then he’d have “caught a brown trout”I sure do love my son and he definitely got his papa’s humorAnyway This is a cute book I highly suggest getting it And when you’re done reading it ask your kid where the man goes poop Aside from funny little dialogues it’ll help your child explore stories and illustrations critically

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Hello LighthouseA beloved picture book from two time Caldecott Medal award winner Sophie Blackall that transports readers to the seaside in timeless nautical splendor Watch the days and seasons pass as the wind blow I hope I'll be forgiven for overstating the case for this book First I was enchanted by the careful beauty of her illustrations which are detailed without ever breaking the spell of the being there in her world Second it brought me and wife to tears when we read it for the first time and after searching for a reason we said that the book was incredibly human In a world where so much seems to be inhuman and political this book talks about simple things real things beautiful things Third this is a book that will not just make a child learn about lighthouses or like lighthouses It is a book that will make a child fall in love with lighthouses and I think children are desperately in need of less learning and falling in love This book is probably not flashy enough to win many awards but that is exactly why I am so grateful for it being written and so glad to think of my children reading it for years to come It is a true children's book and a rare gift