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PDF ç BOOK Becoming Kareem ✓ KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR ✓ [PDF / Epub] ★ Becoming Kareem: Growing Up On and Off the Court Author Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Dcmdirect.co.uk In his first memoir written especially for young readers Kareem Abdul Jabbar will focus on his relationships with several important coaches in hisShot him up taller than pretty much everyone around him including students teachers and even his own father His increasing fame as a basketball player throughout high school brought new challenges as this Kareem Growing Up eBook #184 shy boy was shoved into the national spotlight At the same time social unrest in the country particularly involving the growing civil rights movement tugged at his conscience as he tried to find his place in it After all he was Kareem Growing Up On and eBook #243 just a kid What could he doRecruit My 14 yr old son is a basketball fanatic The fact that he read this entire book deserve 5 stas The book made such an impact He wanted to talk to me about the book and would like for me to read it He says it was interesting to read about his journey not just in Basketball but his entire life

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Ed to UCLA his fame as an unstoppable center made him a Kareem Growing Up On and eBook #243 college superstar But as his fame rose so did the social turmoil in the country Vietnam War protests Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam Dr Martin Luther King Jr large scale riots the Women's Movement He could have hidden from all the turmoil as a sports celebrity but he chose to join in the social evolution The result was converting to Islam and changing his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar The public backlash was blistering but he didn't wave I purchased this book unaware that it was written for younger people Even though this is the case the book is very well written and an easy read for any adult I never felt that Kareem spoke down to the reader based on age and actually touched on topics that are usually reserved for adults I think this is a great read for anyone regardless of age

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Becoming Kareem Growing Up On and Off the CourtIn his first memoir Growing Up PDF #198 written especially for young readers Kareem Abdul Jabbar will focus on his relationships with several important coaches in his life including his father his high school coach and Coach Wooden as he tells the story of his life and career Like many kids in elementary school Kareem then Lew Alcindor struggled with fitting in Becoming Kareem PDFEPUBpleasing a strict father and severe shyness that made him socially awkward Unlike most kids he also had to grapple with a sudden growth spurt that The first heads up I’d like to give potential readers is this book is listed on as being for ages 10 13 well I’m a Grandfather and just a couple of years younger than Kareem formerly known as Lew Alcindor and I not only loved the book but it certainly never came across to me in any way that I was being talked down to like a 10 13 year old childAbout twenty seven years ago I read Kareem’s autobiography and have also read his book about coaching at an Apache Reservation and this book is totally uniue in the way Kareem talks to the audience about how he truly became himself himself being Kareem who the author goes through very “smooth” pain taking steps to share how he somewhat unknowingly learned who he truly wanted to become One of the things that makes this book so poignant is that despite being in my opinion the greatest college basketball player of all time and one of the top ten NBA players of all time this heart sharing soul sharing story is really not centered on basketball though basketball is everywhere but not the excuse the Kareem basketball sized pun center of the story The former Lew Alcindor who after a then lifetime of not feeling totally at ease in his own skin he slowly but unrelentingly changed his life and of utmost importance though very sad and hurtful to his parents eventually changed his name as part of his spiritual and religious uestSince I was only a couple of years younger than the author and basketball was my life also I followed Lew’s career his name till he announced his change in the pro’s I knew of Alcindor and his exploits and followed him since his days at Power Memorial High in New York Having been born in New York myself and then moving to Los Angeles as a child the same year as my beloved Brooklyn Dodgers as I excelled in basketball my dream was to play college ball for St Johns and that was one of the four colleges Alcindor narrowed his choices down to before picking UCLA Interestingly growing up Lew’s favorite sport was baseball even though he was SIX FOOT TEN INCHES TALL when he was FOURTEEN YEARS OLD With all of Lew’s and Kareem’s record setting and countless victories and championships the things that seemed to form his ultimate creation of “Kareem” surprisingly was all the deceptions of friendship the according to the author “tone deafness” to real world issues by his parents teachers and everyday figures I was really surprised at the aloofness that he attaches to his Father because the only real memories I had from my following the author was when Pat Riley famously let Kareem’s father get on the Laker team bus the game after the famous Celtic Memorial Day Massacre of the Lakers It was always portrayed in my mind as a really close father son relationshipThe true core of Kareem’s story are the people that he considered “coaches” in his life of educational religious spiritual day in day out growth Sadly but part of the growth process are the people Alcindor let inside his defenses that then let him down and hurt him in ways someone on the outside couldn’t His high school coach Jack Donahue who Lew really respected until ONE AWFUL MOMENT when Donahue threw out a racial slur in front of the whole team after a bad half of basketball I literally got a tear in my eyes and my heart dropped just reading this I of course could imagine the awful impact on young Lew and it scarred him for decades until Coach Wooden intervened And there was also a sad moment with Coach Wooden when he was by Lew’s side and a grandmotherly type passerby thr