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The Productivity Project Proven Ways to Become More AwesomeHe undertook are going several weeks on little to no sleep; cutting out caffeine and sugar; taking a daily siesta; living in total isolation for 10 days; stretching his workweek to 90 hours; and getting up at 530 every morning all the while monitoring the impact of his experiments on the uality and uantity of his work The results were often surprising This book is the result of Chris's year long journey distilling the lessons he learned into a few core truths about Pros There are some solid actionable tips in here The author was pretty extensive in his experimentation with all of the productivity tips that are out thereCons The credibility of the author is that he was productive atreading and writing about productivity It's very circular logic The book is about productivity but I'm not sure what the author PRODUCED other than this book and blogs about productivity The writing is sub par It reads like a blog Most of the tips I liked I had already learned from Deep Work by Cal Newport which motivated them much better

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The Productivity Project Book í Proven Ways to Become More Awesome Download æ Dcmdirect á ✭ [PDF] ✪ The Productivity Project: Proven Ways to Become More Awesome By Chris Bailey ✺ – 'A fun interesting and useful read' David Allen bestsellingHow we get things done or indeed don't Among the many counterintuitive insights Chris discovered that had the biggest impact on his productivity were striving for imperfection; scheduling less time for important tasks; the 20 second rule to distract yourself from distractions; and the concept of productive procrastination In this accessible and fun guide Chris Bailey offers over 30 tried and tested best practices that will help everyone to accomplishand becomeawesom This book has tremendously changed the way i approach my work I used to procrastinate a lot than I do now The book gives you the answers to why you procrastinate and how to fix it The techniues are simple and effective and the book is written in a fun and engaging way sometimes akin to a blog What really sets this book apart are the examples of his personal experiments which really adds to the credibility of the authorThe only downside is that I felt that there are things that could be said on certain topics for example sleep and diet but that's nothing some extra research on your part can't fixThe exercises at the end of every chapter are pretty easy and straightforward although at times a bit tedious will all allow you to up your productivity and understand a little bit about yourself in the process Not all of them will work for you but if you make the effort to try them out and conseuently integrate into your lifestyle the ones that work really well your procrastination will subside and your productivity will skyrocket

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'A fun interesting and useful read' David Allen bestselling author of Getting Things Done Nearly all of us want to beproductive but finding the method that works for you among the hundreds and hundreds of different tips tricks and hacks can be a daunting prospect After graduating college Chris Bailey decided to dedicate a whole year to doing just that experimenting with as many of the techniues as he could and finding the things that work Among the experiments that I'm not one to review many purchases on However I think I owe it to the author to leave a positive review due the huge positive impact this book had on me As a brief synopsis Chris Bailey argues that we need to look beyond just time management and instead to evaluate how we manage our energy and attention as well He offers the reader multiple tips on how to be effective with our management our time energy and attention with the techniues that he found most useful in his year of productivity a year of self experimentation in the realm of productivityI read it in between semesters during an accelerated nursing program because I felt like I had no time and that I was unable to pursue vital things outside of school like relationships and even exercise This current semester post reading has been night and day compared to the last as I have been effective with the use of my time I feel less cluttered mentally and I am able to focus better on my current tasksThere are no gimmicks and shortcuts offered in this book although some of the techniues are easy to apply and have immediate results Overall his book is about big picture ideas but these ideas are the ones that will have an actual lasting impact on productivity Lastly while this book may seem tailored to the professional or student I would recommend it to anyone as the techniues that he provides to make you productive can also make you happier