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N she was a girl in Korea Patrick thinks it's a great idea Of course there are obstacles for example where will they get mulberry leaves the only thing silkworms eat? but nothing they can't handle Julia isn't so sure The club where kids do their projects is all about traditional American stuff and raising silkworms just d I chose this rating because it was a really great book I enjoy and recommend this book to others to read it had different themes in the book like racism husbandry and a little peer pressure and it's very descriptive and my favorite part is when Julia main character and Mrs Parks author would have conversations with each other about the book and with what's going on in that chapter sometimes Julia would debate with Mrs Parks but that was her personality which made her a great character and Mr Dixon was such a friendly character and I do think that Julia's mother was stereotyping Mr Dixon because of her having a bad experience with other African American's so she would discriminate however Mr Dixon did stereotype Julia's family also so they were both wrong on both parts but to find this paragraph up if you get the book you will not

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Project MulberryOesn't fit in Moreover the author Ms Park seems determined to make Julia's life as complicated as possible no matter how hard Julia tries to talk her out of it In this contemporary novel Linda Sue Park delivers a funny lively story that illuminates both the process of writing a novel and the meaning of growing up American The main character and the author discuss how the book is going in between chapters so that part is the story within the storybook I consider this book to be multi genre as I learned nonfiction information about silkworms as I enjoyed the fiction story My adopted daughter is from Korea and we have both read several books by Linda Sue Park We think very highly of this author

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PDF ☆ BOOK Project Mulberry ¼ MRS LINDA SUE PARK ¼ ❮Epub❯ ❥ Project Mulberry Author Mrs Linda Sue Park – Dcmdirect.co.uk Julia Song and her friend Patrick would love to win a blue ribbon maybe even two at the state fair They've always done projects together and they work well as a team This timJulia Song and her friend Patrick would love to win a blue ribbon maybe even two at the state fair They've always done projects together and they work well as a team This time though they're having trouble coming up with just the right project Then Julia's mother offers a suggestion They can raise silkworms as she did whe My students loved this book It's about 2 kids who who are working on a science fair type project They decide to raise silk worms who only eat mulberry leaves This book has lots of academic learning about the life cycle of a silk worm and the ethics about killing silkworms to keep the thread in one piece Some students were adamant that it's wrong to kill silkworms for their silk I told them if they were so adamant about it they can stop buying products with silk in it We talked about when you buy something you're telling that company I like what you're doing; keep doing it If they think it's fine to kill some worms for silk then they should keep buying silk productsAlso the main character's mother is Asian and is prejudice against African Americans This was a great discussion about a character they thought was nice and sweet having another side that they felt was bad and wrong We talked about having compassion for the mom and realizing the message she received from her parents as a child Her racism was fear and ignorance We then talked about compassion for people who have racist beliefs today and how they are a product of fear a racist family or a bad experience The students really liked the mother in the story so they realized racism doesn't just look like mean people yelling and being angry It can exist in a gentle woman They realized the main character had experienced different cultures in the US and that her exposure to other cultures stopped the linage of racism in her familyI love books with deep underlying messages