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Moana By Laura HitchcoWalt Disney Animation Studios' Moana is a sweeping CG animated comedy adventure about a spirited teenager on an impossible mission to fulfill her ancestors' uest In the ancient South Pacific We haven't started watching movies yet with our 2 year old but I still wanted to introduce her to some of the Disney stories especially the ones with strong female leads This is perfect for that She loves listening to us read it to her and had no problems sitting through the whole thing She's actually pretty fascinated with some of the new wordsnames she's hearing like Moana wayfinder and Te KaI love the movie which is another reason I got this As an adult I love the illustrations here and would buy it again just for that but I do find the story a little clunky It's fine It gets the point across but I wouldn't actually say it flows There are also some minor differences from the movieI've attached some images of some of the two pages illustration spreads but they aren't all like this You also get an idea of the font if that's important to you and just how wordy it is It's really isn't that bad but I have a book loving toddler that would have stories read fo her all day if she could So my opinion might differOverall we're happy to have this in our library

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MOBI ↠ DOC Moana By Laura Hitchcock FREE Ç LAURA HITCHCOCK ✓ ❴Epub❵ ➞ Moana Author Laura Hitchcock – Walt Disney Animation Studios' Moana is a sweeping CG animated comedy adventure about a spirited teenager on an impossible mission to fulfill her ancestors' uesOn an action packed voyage They encounter enormous sea creatures breathtaking underworlds and ancient folklore This Little Golden Book retelling of the movie is perfect for children ages 2 to I loved the idea of wow ing our daughter with the idea that her favorite movie also exists in book formBe forewarned however the little big book might have board covers but the interior pages are flimsy and made out of thin paper They won't survive for longThe illustrations are different in style from the movie but pass musterThe writing however is a different matter Not only does the text emphasize many words in a hard to read bold handwriting font the story is also distorted compared to the way the movie version is narrated Notably the refrain I am Moana of Montenui never gets mentioned but the climax differs in the book Moana appears to only discover Te'Ka's true nature after she gives her the heartI would not buy this again but it might serve to keep my daughter happy for a few weeksA different reviewer suggested to purchase the big golden book version it might be a much preferable alternative for just a few dollars

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World of Oceania Moana a born navigator sets sail in search of a fabled island During her incredible journey she teams up with her hero the legendary demi god Maui to traverse the open ocean My granddaughter loves Moana She knows the words to every song has a Moana doll stickers but she doesn't have a book because the Step Into reading books don't have pictures that match what she sees in the movie And she has tons of books that she reads but for her the book IS the movie If you've got a kiddo that feels the same way I think this is the book you want