PDF Æ BOOK Origami: 15 Paper-Folding Projects Straight from the Wizarding World! (Harry Potter)

TEXT Origami: 15 Paper-Folding Projects Straight from the Wizarding World! (Harry Potter)

PDF Æ BOOK Origami: 15 Paper-Folding Projects Straight from the Wizarding World! (Harry Potter) ☆ ❴Download❵ ➼ Origami: 15 Paper-Folding Projects Straight from the Wizarding World! (Harry Potter) Author Scholastic – Dcmdirect.co.uk Fold 15 fantastic Harry PotRy Potter films wherever you go with this incredible origami guide Through easy to follow instructions you'll learn to fold fifteen uniue origami pieces using The paper included to complete these Harry Potter origami’s is crap It’s not even the creases mess up the color of the paper and it rips like crazy Super disappointed in this purchase

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Custom designed paper with illustrated art from the movies Don't miss this enchanting guide to paper folding the perfect gift for every young wizarding world f I ordered this the instant I saw it and I wasn't disappointed The origami designs are clever and they are thoughtfully arranged so that they start with simpler designs and concepts and then progress into complicated projects The paper is beautifully designed and printed often on both sides to greatly add to the overall effect of the finished itemsMy one uibble aside from the fact that there is only enough of the specially designed paper to make one of each design at least with the complex ones like Hogwarts Castle is that you have to CUT THE PAPER OUT OF THE BACK OF THE BOOK Take a pair of scissors to a beautiful book like this? Never Besides do you throw the book away afterwards or keep it in its lopsided state in case you want to make any of the designs again with other paper? It would have been better to have a packet of paper slipped into a pocket attached to the back coverI will be making many of these with my own paper and I'll be honest I may make color copies of some of the paper designs so I can enjoy them as intended But I'm not cutting this book up or buying a second one just so I can destroy it

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Origami 15 Paper Folding Projects Straight from the Wizarding World Harry PotterFold 15 fantastic Harry Potter models Ever wanted to fold your own fantastic beast? Or play a table top game of uidditch? Now you can take the magic of the Har UNLIKE OTHERS WHO LEFT GLOWING REVIEWS FOR A FREE PRODUCTI PAID FOR MINE TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED They sell these in scholastic school book orders so they are for children my son's age but they were very difficult for my 8 year old to do Myself and my husband also were left scratching our heads on a few My son has been doing star wars origami and for a couple of years now so we figured we would try this one for our little muggle He LOVES HARRY POTTER LOVES ORAGAMI but won't use this book He tried for about two days and stopped He was so excited when he opened it inn his birthdaybut the fun uickly fizzled awayFirst some of these projects are kiragami which involves cutting Also may need tape and glue etcwhat kind of origami is this? It involves parent help for sure and messy Supplies everywhere Origami is supposed to be good clean fun lolNext the projects are already difficult for younger children but can be done after a bit of practice BUT you have to use the paper they included to make folding easier to understand and to get the real look Without it the hat just looks like a pointy turd etc They just don't look correct without the fancy paperwhich the book only comes with one piece per project Each piece is difficult to get out of the book without ripping it all up though Fold it wrong the first time your fancy paper is unusable and the project looks less HARRY POTTER Parents need to helpNot an alone play time type funOurs came release day all smashed up and ruined had to send back for replacementAll in all this book had pretty color photos cool looking but not practical at ALL especially for younger kids like Middle school grade and up Either way it is a big disappointment