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Sales Truth reader Á Debunk the Myths à dcmdirect Î [Reading] ➹ Sales Truth: Debunk the Myths. Apply Powerful Principles. Win More New Sales. Author Anthony Iannarino – A blunt wake up call to salespeople and sales leaders that debunks the myths of the latest miracle solutions and refocuses ?? a sales improvement article receives is often inversely proportional to its accuracy or helpfulness to the typical seller or sales team The good news is that proven simple truths and simple frameworks for sales and sales management will drive the results you want and you can learn all about them in this groundbreaking book The bestselling author of New Sales Simplified and Sales Management Simplified Mike Weinberg brings sanity back to the sales effectiveness tab There are literally hundreds of Sales and Sales Leadership books published every year Choosing which ones to invest your time energy and money on isn't easy If you were to purchase just one sales book in 2019 I recommend #SalesTruth Why you might ask? Because your future success just might depend on it Mike doesn't present a shiny new object that will fast track you to success What Mike shares are simple and powerful concepts and frameworks that will help you get the results you are looking for Mike will identify and expand on 5 keys that are essential to being a top producer He'll ask you 11 thought provoking uestions around those 5 keys You might feel a little uncomfortable I certainly did Then Mike coaches you the rest of the way bringing it all together #SalesTruth is a game changer

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Tay even or get ahead of the pack Ironically it seems that theof these new miracle solutions you adopt theconfused you become and the harder it is to get results In Sales Truth Mike Weinberg offers a blunt wake up call to salespeople and sales leaders on how to get past the noise and focus on getting new sales Here’s the truth Most of these so called experts have no idea whether what they’re pushing works or if it will help your situation The number of “likes? I pre ordered my copy of #SalesTruth on February 18 the day I first heard about it Since then I've been privileged to receive an advance copy from Harper Collins Leadership My pre order stands though so my money with this book is where my mouth is My paid for copy arrives todayMike Weinberg's book #SalesTruth is the mirror I plan to keep handy at my desk and look into from time to time to see whether I'm measuring up and where to focus my improvement efforts Mike is the real deal and it's obvious from his writing that he's strongly and personally motivated to share all that he's found to be successful His book is a gem of mentoring wisdom that shouldn't be left unreadMy favorite chapter in this book is Chapter 5 on how winning new sales reuires focus on winning new sales That may seem a trite statement but just think for a minute on how many non sales tasks land on your plate Just the practices of time blocking on my calendar along with daily prospecting each morning have been transformative I'm productive I have confidence I'm making deals

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Sales Truth Debunk the Myths Apply Powerful Principles Win More New Sales A blunt wake up call to salespeople and sales leaders that debunks the myths of the latest miracle solutions and refocuses your sales strategy on a proven approach that will drive the results you want Welcome to the world of sales From the first days to late career the one constant you can bank on is the roaring noise from so called experts who want to convince you that everything has changed and that you need their latest tools toys tricks or complex processes to s If I was named CEO of my company tomorrow I would give every Sales Professional I employed a copy of this book and the next day off to read itMy top performers would appreciate the opportunity to sharpen the saw and would probably be reminded of something that they have gotten away from doingMy underperformers that truly want to get out of that rut would take away actions that they can implement the next day to move back up the performance chartMy new SDR’s would see what great looks like and have a proven path to follow to Professional successAnd my underperformers who want to whine about why they can’t win will probably realize that if this is the new expectation and they should find another gigMy favorite line in the entire book is in Chapter 6“Warm leads and set appointments should be viewed as the icing not the cake”Given that I work for the company that invented the predictable revenue model this may sound like heresy But I believe that a TRUE Sales Professional needs to own their results from start to finish