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The Lion Inside Board BookA lion A modern classic The Lion Inside has sold over 200000 copies in the UK alone and been translated into over 30 languages worldwide A heartfelt message delightfully conveyed Parents in Touch Captivating Books for Keeps A delight to read over and over again WRD The story was simply to understand and since I have 2 young grandchildren I know that they will love reading this book Graphics are cute The flow of the tale has a couple of nice surprises that will keep young readers engrossed in the plot

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read The Lion Inside Board Book kindle Ø Paperback ´ rachel bright  ❮Download❯ ➼ The Lion Inside Board Book Author Rachel Bright – Board book edition of this bestselling story about confidence self esteem and a shy little mouse who sets out on a journey to finBoard book edition of this bestselling story about confidence self esteem and a shy little mouse who sets out on a journey to find his roar In a dry dusty place where the sand sparkled gold stood a mighty flat rock all craggy and old And under that rock in a tinyfu Inside of each of us lives an Inner Lion Sometimes he is dormant but he is always there waiting for us to tap into our powerful potential Even adults often struggle to remember this “hero within” so it is vital for us to help children discover and embrace their Inner Lion This hero exists in all of us regardless of our stature or age But he must compete with the other voices inside our heads the ones who broadcast fear self doubt timidity and despairThe Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and illustrated by Jim Field brilliantly demonstrates that the most powerful person in my life is me It also hammers home the truism “Never judge a book by its cover” So often the face we present to the world hides our genuine selves the selves that our both brave and fearful confident and cautiousWhen we both kids and adults make judgments about others based on externals we overlook the opportunity to connect with the whole person and all of us lose the chance to be genuine Ironically we often treat ourselves no better and criticize ourselves with the same harsh judgmentFields’ fabulous illustrations carry a lot of the story’s message The difference in size between the tiny mouse and the huge lion reinforces the immensity of the mouse’s decision to confront the lion By connecting to his Inner Lion he awoke the bravery needed to accomplish his goal Taken from the lion’s perspective the reader experiences the other side of the euation Physical size doesn’t protect one from fear Courage does Courage acknowledges fear and still chooses to actAdoption attuned Lens All kids strive to find their niche in school their neighborhoods etc Adoptees also must learn to find their comfort spot in their new families Sometimes they can feel as mismatched and powerless as this little mouse when he faced the roaring lion This story invites readers to consider that beyond stature and externals each of us has important skills and gifts to contribute fears to overcome and opportunities to grow Each family member benefits from being part of the larger whole Diversity enriches families And classrooms neighborhoods and communities Gayle H Swift ABC Adoption

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L house lived the littlest uietest meekest brown mouse Fed up of being ignored by the other animals Mouse wishes he could roar like Lion But as he discovers even the biggest bossiest people are scared sometimes and even the smallest creatures can have the heart of I love books with rhyme and rhythm This is an outstanding book that teaches a life lesson in a great and pleasant way I read to children in kdg first and second and it's suitable for all three Naturally discussion depends on the grade level The illustrations were beautiful