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kindle Ý Weird But True Library Binding read ✓ national geographic kids ê [Read] ➵ Weird But True!: 300 Outrageous Facts Author National Geographic Kids – At last all those weird but true facts that readers of National Geographic Kids love so much are collected inAt last all those weird but true facts that readers of National Geographic Kids love so much are collected into a fun filled book that you'll come back to again and again Weird But True is based on the hugely popular magazine page of uirky fun facts that many readers of National Geographic Kids magazine turn to first Why? Well did you know that Pe I feel like it was too good to be true In a world where your kids ask you “why” and “how” this book could have done just a little help answer these easily instead the book of facts leaves you hangingLooking at my pictureTigers does catnip not have an affect on other animals?Red Rain Wht was the red rain made of?

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Anut butter can be converted into a diamond? The world's oldest pet goldfish lived to be 43 years old? The world's longest soap bubble was as long as four school buses? On Neptune the wind blows up to 1243 miles an hour? An elephant's tooth can weigh as much as a bowling ball? All of the facts in this handy book will amaze friends and family Anima My son loves these books We started reading National Geographic Kids books when he was about six he's nine now and I can honestly say that these books have been instrumental in teaching him to read His favorites are those from the Weird But True series We own the first five books in the series and have the ones not yet published on pre orderOne weekend last spring our son actually read one entire 300 pg book from this series to my husband and I over the course of two days 50 pgs three times a day until he'd finished I mention this because last year my son was sent to a reading specialist because his teacher was concerned that he was reading below his age level Although I was happy for him to receive the extra attention from the specialist I always doubted that he had any real problems reading because he read the Nat'l Geo books to us constantly Thankfully I was right He no longer sees the reading specialist reads above his grade level and even reads out loud to his classmates at lunchtimeWhy is this so important? Because kids are often labeled as poor readers when it's not that they can't read but rather that they simply aren't interested in what they are being given to read My teen age step daughter grew up thinking that she was a poor reader too That all changed when I gave her the Twilight Series She read the last book Breaking Dawn 756 pages in less than 48 hoursThere are several elements that make the Nat'l Geo Weird But True series so appealing particularly to elementary aged boys The layouts are very simple not cluttered Each fact is only one or two sentences long The font is much larger than what you would find in a typical chapter book designed for this age group And the visual images are excellent exciting funny interesting they immediately draw the reader in curious to find out As a parent teacher library volunteer and chairperson of my son's Scholastic Book Fairs all of the books in this series are ones that I have and will continue to recommend for lower elementary aged children

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Weird But True 300 Outrageous FactsLs SuperpowersChills and ThrillsEat or Be EatenMini and MegaWild and Crazy and much muchAdjacent pages for such facts present a one paragraph explanation of how that fact is possible or why it is so Wacky facts fascinating information and lively art combine in this easy to browse casual reference book that is sure to give young readers hours of fu This is a rare case of you CAN judge a book by its cover Every fact presented in this entertaining and fascinating book IS weird and true Many pages will leave the reader shaking their heads saying things like No way or just Whoa often wanting to learn about the amazing statement One often wishes there was accompanying explanations for the astounding facts but that'll just have to be research for another dayThere are a few facts per full color page and the graphics and design are engaging but not distracting There are a couple of facts gentle readers might find gross but they'll be largely palatable for the average elementary schooler's curious mindIf you've got a budding explorer scientist adventurer or trivia buff this would be an excellent and entertaining way to perk their curiosity