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The Boron Letters doc Ç Paperback read Å ✅ The Boron Letters PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Gary C. Halbert – The Boron LettersA series of letters by historyThe Boron LettersA series of letters by historyThe Boron LettersA series of letters by history The Boron LettersA series of letters by historyThe Boron LettersAThe Boron LettersA series of letters by history Confession time I have done content and copywriting for 20 years It started out as a stress reliever in law school and I finally figured out that something fun that relieves my stress is an awesome thing to get paid for But I didn’t know who Gary Halbert was 2 years agoI probably read his ads my last name has no coat of arms that I could find but I never heard of him to study from till those few short years agoI loved studying the psychology of why people do or don’t buy and I’m pretty good at honing in on the emotion in my writing butI felt like the technical parts eluded me I belonged to a copywriting group and his son Bond would respond to posts sometimes I started following Drayton Bird and somehow stumbled on The Gary Halbert groupI heard about direct response writing I entered a contest I didn’t win I figured out there were formulas for writing that I must be missing that I really needed to lead me to achieve the success I wantSomeone asked the other day why read the boron letters and as I just finished it my mind thought why not? And that’s why I wrote this review Every page has multiple lessons on writing good copy Every page Gary didn’t write things just for fun If you’re not getting the lessons the issue is you not him or his writingI’m lucky enough to now belong to a group that Bond and Kevin another one of Gary’s sons run They give lessons Sometimes the lessons are almost exactly what I’ve read in here That’s ok Repetition helpsI don’t think this book is for everyone because everyone won’t get it They’ll be hung up on typos or grammatical mistakes Complaining about the font or eye appeal Good Don’t buy it For those who want a deep dive into why people do what they do and how to write to get them to do what You want them to do this book is for you Everyone else move along nothing to see here

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The Boron LettersA series of letters by history One of the guys that I followDan Kennedy spoke so highly of this guy I just knew I had to see what he was about Granted I'm late to the gamebut the information is still useful and still used There are some racial undertones that I thought were unnecessary but that can be said of Tom Sawyer Overall this is a practical how to make money bookthe title does not say it but this guy lays out EVERYTHING you need to do to generate cash With today's technologypractically everything is mail order With e mail list and Facebook and this book there is no way you should not succeed Although it is very old school depending on your target audience these old school methods will work just as well Overall a great book

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The Boron LettersThe Boron LettersA series of letters by history This review is for the paper version of this book The book is great but the paper version is not deserving of the much higher price There is no reason this book needed to have textbook sized pages Why would you purposefully make the book harder to hold and read comfortably by making it huge? The binding and pages themselves are also extremely cheap to the point where you can see the pixellation of the letters on the cover If this book were the same price or cheaper than the eBook version I would have no problem with the shoddy uality But as it stands just stick to the kindle version