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Ebook â Inside Your Customer's Imagination ë 5 Secrets for Creating Breakthrough Products ¶ Chip r. bell ¶ [Reading] ➶ Inside Your Customer's Imagination: 5 Secrets for Creating Breakthrough Products, Services, and Solutions Author Chip R. Bell RS insight 2 grounding that promotes clear focus 3 discovery that fosters risk taking 4 trust that safeguards partnership purity and 5 passion that inspires energized generosity Using examples from organizations like McDonald's DHL Marriott Lockheed Martin Discover Financial Ultimate Software and manyBell shows how co creation partnerships enable you to tap into the treasure trove of ideas ingenuity and genius in the raw within every customer If you have ever been part of a team or just on some committee serving constituents that created some new or even revolutionary new product or service you know the bonding that took place during the process All of you bask in the incredible sense of satisfaction at the end when your new product or service is introduced and the positive feedback that pours in from its successWhat Chip Bell's new book Inside Your Customer's Imagination does is to provide the recipe for making this happen His 5 Secrets are about going far beyond just traditional customer service as well as than just than being customer centric His process for co creation can be applied to any company looking for ways to involve customers in the innovation process or to any organization with goals to accomplish and a desire to meld the leader or board's efforts with the creativity of its constituents Chip has really broken some new ground and it's a must read for any of the forementioned entities

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Lenge is customers often don't know precisely what they want As Henry Ford is reputed to have said If I had asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses To surprise and awe your customers Chip Bell advises developing co creation partnerships with them Co creation partnerships are about fulfilling customers' hopes and aspirations not just their needs and expectations Co creation partnerships reuire 1 curiosity that uncover Back in the day Tom Peters famously said if you give excellent customer service you can have ALL the business Chip Bell has taken that mantra one giant step further he has shown us how to do itFirst he broadly defines the customer as anyone who is the target of your offering This means that your customer includes anyone from the person who buys a cup of coffee from you to your employees suppliers vendors advisors the list goes on The goal it to create co eual partnerships that are authentic genuine curious and open because it is this mindset that leads to great insight and discovery And this is the necessary environment for breakthroughs in new product and service offerings that your customers will loveOnce you accept this premise Bell shares his Five Secrets for developing and maintaining Co Creation Partnerships 1 Curiosity with curiosity comes insight the necessary first step 2 Grounding enables the satisfaction of the customer's needs in the context of the organization's broadly defined mission 3 Discovery where the search for innovation welcomes the customer's dreams 4 Trust a fundamental reuirement of an open relationship that honors the customer's ideas as the process moves toward execution 5 Passion For the process to endure there must be admiration and recognition that will keep the relationship a true co eual partnershipPartnerships like any appliance reuire periodic check ups And Bell includes A Partnership Checkup which includes such uestions as How often do you go beyond what your customers expect in a relationship? How often do you take a loss to help out a customer or colleague?I can see using this list of uestions to facilitate a very lively and useful discussion in your organizationYou will also find another application exercise a case study of a junior high school student's lemonade stand where you and your group are challenged to apply the 5 Secrets to this scenario with the goal of co creating a lemonade stand with your customers A serious fun activity

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Inside Your Customer's Imagination 5 Secrets for Creating Breakthrough Products Services and SolutionsChip Bell's uniue perspective lively illustrations and practical advice result in one terrific resource for anyone eager to tap a customer's ingenuity for creating breakthrough results Jeanne Bliss founder and CEO CustomerBliss; and cofounder Customer Experience Professionals Association CXPA Organizations need to offer customers breakthrough products services and solutions to effectively compete in today's innovation hungry economy The chal This is a fantastic book on partnering with customers to create something neither of you could have created on your own Companies who find themselves being commoditized and want to develop a profoundly new and different type of partnership with their customers will find it particularly valuable The insights frameworks tools and exercises in the book will help you develop new ways of serving and pleasing customersFor example I loved Bell’s exercise in which you list stupid things we think they do and stupid things they think we do This is brilliant Another exercise I found helpful is creating the lists of adjectives characters odd views famous people etcto spur creative thoughts when you are ideating with your customerThe sections on partnering with the whole truth innovation work agreements and tips for how to deal with the inevitable 'partnership glitches are very helpful For example Bell explains ways to share information with your customer such as revealing ways I typically hinder or help a partnership and my concerns about being part of this one I have not seen this in other books and I believe it would be powerful The concept that productivity in a partnership is born of discipline is key to Bell’s approachI loved his examples about getting kids involved in the customer ideation – this is a great idea that I haven’t seen companies usingBell also talks about driving fear out of the workplace This is a crucial concept that I explore in my own way in my book Fearless Growth for on this check out HBS professor Amy Edmondson’s work on psychological safetyThe author’s use of metaphors eg grandmother style service is helpful in illustrating his pointsThis is practical inspiring book about partnering with customers to pursue innovation together