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Facilitation at a Glance Your Pocket Guide to FacilitationFacilitation skills are crucial to the success of a Glance Epub #219 groups and teams Facilitators guide and direct the process therefore resulting ineffective and efficient projects Considering all the meetings that project managers and leaders hold it's easy to see why facilitation is fast becoming recognized as an essential core skill Not only do project managers need to Facilitation at PDF or know how to run highly effective meetings they also need strategies for creating buy in overcoming resistance and building true consensusAfterthan years as a best seller Facilitation at a Glance is now a rd edition packed with evenresources exciting tools and a I am an independent consultant education and use Ingrid Bens' books in my own facilitation and in training teacher leaders Her information is presented in a perfect blend of rationale you have to know a little bit of why to make it work and practical strategies It is all grounded in theory but the books aren't bogged down in it This particular little gem has the basic strategies and is easily tucked into a bag for uick references I would recommend purchasing the larger full volume books first and using this as an additional resource For anyone who works with groups of people this is a valuable asset and well worth the investment

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Facilitation at a Glance doc ´ Your Pocket Guide to Facilitation read Ç dcmdirect Í ➾ [Download] ➾ Facilitation at a Glance!: Your Pocket Guide to Facilitation By Ingrid Bens ➳ – Dcmdirect.co.uk Facilitation skills are crucial to the success of groups and teams New concise look Ingrid Bens a nationally known consultant and trainer continues to at a Glance Kindle #207 enlighten us with a comprehensive overview of the role of the facilitator and the essential core practices that are always in play Included is a compendium of strategies for gaining buy in ensuring participation overcoming resistance building consensus and creating a positive team climateThe book retains all the things that made the first two editions so at a Glance Your Pocket ePUB #10003 popular the summary pages checklists and tip sheets Existing sections about what to do at the start middle and end of facilitated sessions have been greatly e I own other pocket guides so I expected a small book However I didn't expect the text to be so small The content is good but I should have bought a regular book instead of this pocket guide

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Xpanded Decision making methods have been revamped to includestrategies about when to use each approach New bonus material has been added to the conflict management chapter related to ineffective behaviors By user demand we have additional process tools andabout facilitating distance meetingsThe most notable update is an entirely new chapter about how leaders can balance the facilitator role with their other duties since most facilitation is actually done by leaders and not neutral outsidersWe are confident that this new and improved version of Facilitation at a Glance will at a Glance Your Pocket ePUB #10003 become an indispensable part of your toolkit Great little guidebook even for experienced facilitators like me I was able to find a few new nuggets of info in this guide that have helped mw with my clients