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TEXT ☆ The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success Ï Ken Segall Simplicity isn't just a design principle at Apple it's a value that permeates every level of the organization It's what helped Apple recover from near death in 1997 to become the most valuable company on earth in 2012As ad agency creative director Ken Segall played a key role in Apple's resurrection helping to create such Steve Jobs is a GENIUS When others get tangled up in the forest of complexity Steve takes the high road of simplicity less travelled to accelerate ahead of the market competition and is light years ahead of his timeSome people predict the future but Steve Jobs creates the future It takes a lot of effort sifting and sorting to come up with a simple vision A vision that everyone can see feel and embrace Because of Steve he has changed the world Imagine a world without APPLE ScaryFor those of us caught up in our own tangle of webs knots and convoluted thinking this book is for youWilliam TehInvestor | Author | EntrepreneurTTTrends Investments

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EBOOK Å EPUB Insanely Simple è The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success ´ [Download] ➵ Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success Author Ken Segall – Dcmdirect.co.uk Simplicity isn't just a design principle at Apple it's a value that permeates every level of the organ Critical marketing campaigns as Think Different and naming the iMac This book makes you a fly on the wall inside a conference room with Steve Jobs and on the receiving end of his midnight phone calls You'll understand how his obsession with Simplicity helped Apple perform better and faster sometimes saving millions in th I am currently a student at the University of Balti and this book was reuired reading for an Entrepreneurship survey class that I'm taking this semester I truly enjoyed the ideas about minimalism and how process can often stifle creativity and true productivity Much of the book is a chronicle of the professional life of the late Steven Jobs It follows his progressing from Apple to NeXT to Pixar and back to Apple While the familiar story of Jobs' life as a CEO is enjoyable it almost takes away from the teachings of simplicity and streamlining processes At the same time the stories of Steve's time at Apple and the way he conducted meetings contributed to multiple projects across his organization and was always brutally honest all attest to Segall's claims that simplicity was the driving concept behind Apple's unprecedented success under Jobs' reign as CEO I really enjoyed the comparison of Apple's organizational culture against those of other tech giants such as Intel and IBM There was a good bit of reflection that noted each businesses operating model was directly tied to they way that they were founded Apple began as a small start up company with just a few smart guys nurturing a great idea Apple operated with this same idea of of small groups focused solely on one objective with those few talented creative individuals being responsible for the success of the projectI was able to tie many of the ideas presented in the book into my everyday life I work in a rather large organization that could benefit from a few lessons on simplicity and a few doses of minimalism During the middle sections of the book we see how overcrowded meetings overpopulated projects and unclear communication can be huge killers of creative productivity I agree with these examples and plan to lend concepts of minimalism to my own education and professional career

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Insanely Simple The Obsession That Drives Apple's SuccessE process Segall brings Apple's uest for Simplicity to life using fascinating and previously untold stories from behind the scenes Through his insight and wit you'll discover how companies that leverage this power can stand out from competitors and individuals who master it can become critical assets to their organization Apple goes to great lengths to create products that are simple for users; however this uest for simplicity doesn't make life simple for the people that create the products Instead Apple employees expend a great deal of time and energy on the smallest details of the iOS user interface the machining of iPhone frames from aluminium or fusing iMac LCD screens to glass But the reward for this pursuit is passionate customers who appreciate not only Apple products but the values behind themIn addition to how to pursue simplicity as a corporate philosophy Insanely Simple provides additional glimpses into the life of Steve Jobs and the inner workings of Apple The book will be eually at home on your bookshelf next to business classics like Jim Collins' Good to Great Why Some Companies Make the LeapAnd Others Don't or Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs autobiography