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Platform Get Noticed in a Noisy WorldAs the former chairman Noticed in eBook #8608 and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers author Michael Hyatt gained insight on the importance of combining compelling products with a meaningful platform Now with nearly three hundred thousand followers on Twitter his large and growing platform serves as the foundation for his own Platform Get eBook #213 successful writing speaking and business coaching practice In this straightforward how to Excellent book with immediately useful info on building and promoting your brand I am a fan of Michael Hyatt and this book is another winner Many tips are given in the book on how to write blog posts how to increase your exposure and how to build a strong following on the internet The only criticism I might have is that although he focuses a lot on Twitter there isn't much info on using Facebook or Pinterest I highly recommend this book Please mark if you find my review helpful Thank you so much

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He offers down to earth guidance on crafting an effective and meaningful online platform to help readers extend their influence monetize it and build a sustainable careerSocial media technologies have provided unprecedented opportunities for getting noticed Get Noticed in Kindle #212 and earning money in an increasingly noisy world Platform goes behind the scenes into the world of social media success You’ll discover what bestsell This book is so filled with stimulating promotional ideas that I marvel how anyone could do all or even most of them Michael Hyatt must have energy than any other ten people combined He's blessed to have that energy but energy like all other good things is a gift from God For those of us whose gifts don't include such unrelenting speed and focus the list of promotional tasks that we apparently must do to rise from obscurity is overwhelming I've incorporated some of Hyatt's ideas into my own online presence but I don't have the time or resources to do a lot of them Thirty minutes a day posting on Twitter in addition to everything else Maybe not What I'd like to read is a synopsis or synthesis of Hyatt's ideas perhaps in order of what's most important or useful for most people A list of five tasks is likely to get tackled than a list of a hundred tasks But then I guess it wouldn't be a book Oh well I envy Hyatt's aggressiveness and promotional success even though I know I'm not called to that

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eBook Ê Platform Get Noticed in a Noisy World Ù Get Noticed in a Noisy World ↠ dcmdirect » [PDF] ✪ Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World By Michael Hyatt – Dcmdirect.co.uk As the former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers author Michael Hyatt gainIng authors public speakers entrepreneurs musicians and other creatives are doing differently to gain contacts connections and followers and win customers in today’s crowded marketplace Get Noticed in a Noisy eBook #213 With proven strategies easy to replicate formulas and practical tips this book makes it easier less expensive andpossible than ever to stand out from Get Noticed in a Noisy eBook #213 the crowd and launch a business While I've been a fan and follower of Michael Hyatt's blog for a long time I did not receive a free copy of Platform I confess as much as I like his blog I wasn't going to buy the book for two reasons1 Prior to the launch of Platform he mentioned much of the content was reworked material from old blog posts which I assumed I had read previously2 Since I teach others how to start their own blog I am already up to my eyeballs in information of this sortTherefore I thought I would hold off and wait until I could get a copy at the libraryIncidentally I bought the book the day it launched swayed by all the 5 star reviews enticed by the freebies he offered during launch week and intrigued by his launch process which I wanted to watch first hand you just never know when that information will come in handyI have read the book in fullHere are some of my thoughts in no particular order Overall his tone is very encouraging and inspiring I've read other how to books in which the author seems arrogant and condescending leaving me feeling discouraged and inept by the end That was not the case here By the end I was rearin' to go He makes a strong case for learning the ins and outs of social media as a way to grow your business even if you don't have a lot of computer background or if you feel technically challenged I am also self taught so I wholeheartedly agree As he says the best way to learn is to dive in and go for it He talks about the importance of having a blog or website which acts as your home base online I wholeheartedly agree with this point as well However like so many others he doesn't go into great detail about exactly how to start a blog other than to offer tips such as I recommend a WordPressorg blog On the other hand he goes into great detail about starting a Twitter account and he devotes several chapters to using Twitter effectively see below When looking at his numbers it's worthwhile to note even though Hyatt started his blogging and social media journey like many of us with little background knowledge he has had significant advantages which I think have helped his online presence grow so well He is graced with connections to well known and very influential people great for interviews endorsements etc It also doesn't hurt to be the Chairman formerly the CEO of one of the largest publishing companies in the US To be sure this is well deserved and his experience is vast Clearly he has worked very hard for many years to build a huge network of excellent contacts He definitely makes no guarantees if you use his tips you will reproduce his results but I do think it is helpful to look at those results with his background in mind I appreciated seeing his hard numbers great transparency but even though my numbers don't come close to his and I've been at this for years too I need to look for upward trends not specific numerical benchmarks which would indicate growth It is true much of the book content is reworked posts you can find for free on his blog I found myself thinking many times Oh yeah I remember reading this If you're not already familiar with his blog and don't feel like poking around there to see what he has written in the past it's probably worth having all the info packaged nicely He offers a lot of tips for Twitter but doesn't talk about Facebook Google or any other social media platform except to mention he's not a huge fan of Facebook Clearly this is because he has had the most success on Twitter which is understandable But to those reading it's important to know who your audience is before assuming Twitter is the place to be His target audience might be on Twitter but if your target audience hangs out on Facebook or Pinterest than Twitter you should be on Facebook and Pinterest not Twitter True to Michael Hyatt style the book is packed with helpful actionable tips that will help anyone who wants to become active and effective in social mediaBeginners may get overwhelmed There is certainly a lot of excellent information but if you try to take it all in at once you'll want to run for the hills Tackle it in small chunks and implement his tips as you have the time Think of it as a marathon not a sprint It really does take a long time to get established and start seeing resultsI can't remember if he said it explicitly in the book but I would also add ideally you will dive into social media before you have something specific to say or sell not when you have something to say or sell Hyatt's right it's all about relationships these days so the sooner you can get those relationships started the better Then when you do have something to say or sell you can tap into what you've already establishedOverall it's a great reference that I'm sure I'll be returning to again and again