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Download Memorise the Faith Book ô And Most Anything Else Ü ✻ Memorise the Faith! And Most Anything Else: Using the Methods of the Great Catholic Medieval Memory Masters Epub ✾ Author Kevin Vost – Learn how St Thomas memorized the Faith St Thomas Auinas perfected an easy method for hisLearn how St Thomas memorized the Faith St Thomas Auinas perfected an easy method for his students to memorize most any information but especially the t This is an unusual book I looked at a lot of memory books along with this one I am not a catholic but I found it very interesting the way the author used the memory techniues to learn various catholic rituals I got an appreciation of Catholicism and it makes a lot of sense to me It looks to me like they have lots of ritual to bring the spiritual ideas and concepts down to earth and make it real For instance there is something about Stations of the Cross where the participant walks to a small table and counts a few beads Then walks to another station which may be a picture on the wall and counts a few beads Each station has meaning and to actually walk there and look and count the beads and maybe say a little prayer before moving on to the next station helps to cement the concepts into the physical universe Anyway this is not about memory but MrVost did a good job with his book

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Ruths taught by Christ and His Church Thanks to the delightful pages of Memorize the Faith you can easily learn the Faith by tapping into the power of t Full disclosure I actually did not intend to purchase this book I wanted the other book Memorize The Reasons but it is not yet available in Kindle I'm happy to have this book because I needed something to help me memorize the twenty Mysteries of the RosaryI'm actually going to write the kind of the review that I wish I had read before buying this book I had no idea what to expect; I know a little something about studying and memorizing since I have a PhD so I couldn't imagine what new method of memorization I was about to learnFor each group of items that you are going to memorize the author describes and has a drawing of a common room in an ordinary house For example let's say you are going to memorize the Ten Commandments You see a drawing of the living room and ten numbered items Number one is the front door number two is the doormat and so on To each of these ten items he associates a sometimes wild or uncommon idea and then that idea is associated with one of the Commandments At first I was taken aback after all why would I want to picture of gun rack on the wall with a padlock over it But when you think about it it makes perfect sense because I instantly remember that as Commandment number five Thou Shalt not KillThe method really works So far I have memorized the 10 Commandments the seven deadly sins the seven virtues and the twenty Mysteries of the Rosary The reason for four stars and not five is not the content at all but the Kindle version The drawings and the text do not go together there are blank pages were there shouldn't be blank pages it is all kinds of messed up Since we Kindle users did not have the luxury of flipping back and forth uickly to see the drawings there should be a bank of all the memory devices made available to us in one place maybe at the back of the book If you think that the rating should reflect only the content and not digital formatting think again Publishers and ultimately authors must demand that digital users be afforded a uality product At least furnish us with a well made app to accompany itI haven't read the rest of the book only because it has already served its purpose with the Mysteries I just hope Memorize the Reasons comes out soon on Kindle but in a suitable formatUPDATE At the time I wrote this review the Kindle version of the other book was not available but now it is

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Memorise the Faith And Most Anything Else Using the Methods of the Great Catholic Medieval Memory MastersHe classical memory system that helped St Thomas become the Church's preeminent theologian and made it easier for him to become one of its greatest sain Very glad I found this book I am 50 years old product of Catholic school education through high school I am returning to college to get a degree and was struggling uite a bit Then I thought Wait I can still recite the Mass and my freshman year Spanish lessons How was I able to do all that pre computer age? When I saw this book I knew I had hit on the answer Since devouring this book I have also read summa theologica and other writings to expand my own understanding and to weave my faith and practice into other areas of my life Improving my recall of facts has freed my brain up to think and analyze