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Grow to Know kindle ↠ eBook Free ó Publishing Kumon ☆ ➵ [Reading] ➷ Grow to Know: Mazes (Ages 3 4 5) By Publishing Kumon ➪ – Grow to Know Workbooks teach fundamental skills using Kumons uniue learning method in a smaller size thats perfect for little hands and on the gHats perfect for little hands and on the go learnin Looked for a maze book for my 3 yr old who was interested in mazes She was able to do the beginning ones without help and then as she went in the book the mazes got harder but she learned with practice Great book Good size thick paper and big mazes for toddlers who are beginning

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Ng Kumons uniue learning method in a smaller size t This book is very similar to the other Kumon beginning maze books and alternates between a picture maze and a geometric maze I disagree with the other reviewer that thinks they are too hard for a young child I started my son on Kumon books to practice his fine motor skills and followed the seuence of books that they recommended and would buy the next one when he finished He started their maze books around 3 and absolutely loved them and uickly finished all of their maze books at 4 I thought it was great practice for his pencil skills and strengthening his hand These mazes actually start with very large spaces for the child to find their way through When my son was first beginning I had him practice with tracing the route with his finger so he could get the hang of it and he caught on uickly I like that this book is smaller and horizontal than the regular Kumon books as I think it is a batter shape for a young child My 35 year old daughter already enjoys mazes and is working her way through this book

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Grow to Know Mazes Ages 3 4 5Grow to Know Workbooks teach fundamental skills usi I was a little surprised at how advanced the mazes were in this book as it was advertised as a beginning maze book for kids about 3 years old The mazes in here are as complex as the ones I give me almost 5 year old who has been doing mazes for 2 years The book is fine but in my opinion not a beginning maze book and not for kids under 4 or 5 If you are looking for a great one check out Kumon's My Book of Easy Mazes They start out very simple just a straight line and progressively get tougher A much better book for true beginners and for kids 2 4