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Walter Lippmann wrote his Public Opinion at a time when something like the 'mass media' was coming into existence Prior to the age of electronic communication the only mechanism for reaching large numbers of individuals was the newspapers In World War I he saw how opportunistic nations used the newspapers to serve their often nefarious aims Lippmann how Buy ANY OTHER printing of this book Public Opinion is an expired copywrite public domain text so someone published this through a self publish service called Createspace by SHAME on for producing such terrible uality Cover is cheap low resolution text is mismatched fonts the contents page just lists Chapter I II etc without chapter titles The original text is great but this edition is crap Sending it back Buy a better edition or read this book online through Project Gutenberg

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Public Opinion The Original 1922 EditionEver believed that in the hands of super intelligent disinterested omni benevelont 'experts ' the 'mass media' could bring about world peace The school system the advent of radio and of course the television were arriving or coming along shortly Each allowed a small group of people the ability to manage a much larger group inspiring optimism among liber Written in 1921 following the disillusionment of WW1 this work explains how popular 'democratic' nations function That is not how they are supposed to function according to ideal wish but how it did function in the war Lippmann was there and changed the national will How? Why?''For the most part we do not first see and then define we define first and then see In the great blooming buzzing confusion of the outer world we pick out what our culture has already defined for us and we tend to perceive that which we have picked out in the form stereotyped for us by our culture'' 855This is a key theme What is seen must be given Facts are never found they are arranged Presents Aristotle's defense of slavery as example ''Aristotle therefore excluded entirely that destructive doubt Those who are slaves are intended to be slaves Each slave holder was to look upon his chattels as natural slaves When his eye had been trained to see them that way he was to note as confirmation of their servile character the fact that they performed servile work that they were competent to do servile work and that they had the muscles to do servile work''The slave owner saw the ''fact'' of the person as a ''natural'' slave His perception does not allow any other ''fact'' into his mind''This is the perfect stereotype Its hallmark is that it precedes the use of reason; is a form of perception imposes a certain character on the data of our senses before the data reach the intelligence'' 1004Lippmann provides an ''stereotype'' worship of progress that drives American society ''It is not easy he writes for a new idea of the speculative order to penetrate and inform the general consciousness of a community until it has assumed some external and concrete embodiment or is recommended by some striking material evidence In the case of Progress both these conditions were fulfilled in England in the period 1820 1850''The most striking evidence was furnished by the mechanical revolution Men who were born at the beginning of the century had seen before they had passed the age of thirty the rapid development of steam navigation the illumination of towns and houses by gas the opening of the first railway In the consciousness of the average householder miracles like these formed the pattern of his belief in the perfectibility of the human race''These 'miracles' were proof that the 'god of progress' is alive and protecting his worshippers What else did this 'religion' teach? ''This pattern taken up by others reinforced by dazzling inventions imposed an optimistic turn upon the theory of evolution That theory of course is as Professor Bury says neutral between pessimism and optimism But it promised continual change and the changes visible in the world marked such extraordinary conuests of nature that the popular mind made a blend of the two Evolution first in Darwin himself and then elaborately in Herbert Spencer was a progress towards perfection''The stereotype represented by such words as progress and perfection was composed fundamentally of mechanical inventions And mechanical it has remained on the whole t

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read kindle ò Public Opinion Í ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Public Opinion: The Original 1922 Edition Author Walter Lippmann – Walter Lippmann wrote his Public Opinion at a time when something like the 'mass media' was coming into existence Prior to the age of electronic communication the only mechanism for reaching large nuAls and progressives that with the right forumula the horrors seen in World War I would never occur againLippmann wrote Public Opinion in 1922 shortly after World War I In 1924 a certain Adolf Hitler would be spending time in jail If this merited any mention in any newspaper it is doubtful that no expert paid it any mind 1939 was after all a long way of We find some interesting discussion on the social state of the early 20th Century but biased by his secular and humanistic view the author describes his completely distorted view of mankind He spouses education as the solution for the human plight basically what was defended by his contemporary John Dewey Arrogant view of the activity of the news media personnel pretty much of what we encounter today