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Ic advertising such as cookies pixels banner ads or ad exchangesChapter two introduces the programmatic ecosystem and its various players including publishers advertisers SSPs DSPs DMPs agency trading desks and the most important industry bodiesChapter three is dedicated to programmatic ad trading with special attention given to the real time bidding RTB auction role of the Deal ID and publisher prioritization including header biddingChapter four is all about data and ad targeting Retargeting and various prospecting tactics are covere

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Introduction to Programmatic AdvertisingProgrammatic advertising is the most exciting thing that happened in marketing in a long time perhaps since the advent of mass advertising itselfThis book offers the first comprehensive introduction to the world of programmatic advertising If you are new to this revolutionary technology it will help you get uickly up to speed The book is intentionally relatively short and dense so it can be read over a weekend and then kept on your desk for referenceHere's a uick overview Chapter one outlines the basic technologies enabling programmat

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Book ☆ Introduction to Programmatic Advertising Download ñ Dcmdirect ¾ ❮Read❯ ➯ Introduction to Programmatic Advertising Author Dominik Kosorin – Programmatic advertising is the most exciting thing that happened in marketing in a long time perhaps since D including contextual targeting behavioral targeting and look a like modelingChapter five expands the scope of this book into mobile Mobile cookies cross device identification solutions or location data are covered hereChapter six offers an overview of the current issues discussed across the digital ad industry including fraud viewability attribution ad blocking or privacyChapter seven is about new formats available programmatically such as rich media video or native It also covers new programmatic channels including TV audio or prin